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Mormonism - help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by larnie, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. Anyone know how or with what I should approach the teaching of Mormonism to KS1??????? It is a new RE topic to our school and I know nothing about it or where to go with the planning!
    Any help seriously appreciated!
  2. What context are you teaching it in? A stand alone unit on Mormonism, under the theme of beliefs, festivals/ what?
  3. Can you clarify what Agreed Syllabus you are working from? And do you have many children from the Church of Latter Day Saints in your school?
  4. Thanks for your replies.
    Yes we have children from a Mormon family in school, hence the reason why it has been chosen it as one of the religions to teach in school.
    The theme for my RE on our long term plan is 'What do people say about God' and this half term it is to be taught on Mormonism.
    I hoped someone might have taught it due to having Mormon children in their school too.
  5. My starting point would be to ask the family what they think would be helpful for the children to learn. The difficulty would be pitching it at a level for such young children to understand without over simplifying it too much.
  6. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    I was pestered by a Mormon neighbour friend once. They were out to convert me but as long as I could ignore that we got on quite well. They lent me the book of Mormon and I was interested, hoping for new insight which is what I have found from the holy books of all religions - but it contained nothing that I found inspiring. Certainly not for me, so I've never looked into it since.

    However it is quite a big movement or denomination or whatever we should call it and we are bound to get Mormon children in our classes, so I guess it's time I got over the prejudices caused by that encounter and learned more about it.

    I have quickly been on google and copied out some basic info which you may like to skate through. Pick out some interesting and positive aspects. I usually look at special revelation, special people, special books or scriptures, special teachings and beliefs, special places of worship, special places of pilgrimage, special times of day, week, month and year - which includes worship times and festivals, special actions, special clothes and food - etc.

    One thing I half noticed as pasting one page was reference to reincarnation. If this is a widespread Mormon belief then it will be an interesting aspect if you do a compare (similarity and difference) activity with Christianitiy and Mormonism.

    My own view is that God is in all and will make the best use of whatever way we worship. I have heard that Mormon music is sublime so that would also be a great aspect to explore. I guess - from the web pages I've just looked at - that there may also be some great art and architecture. You could use some to prepare a slide show ppt.

    in haste DMC
  7. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

  8. It does seem to me that 'What do people say about God?' is rather a deep subject for a Year 1 class. If you look on the BBC Religions website about Mormon beliefs, you will see that 'The Godhead consists of three separate and distinct beings, united in purpose'. If you feel you can teach this is a meaningful way to very young children - fine. I personally wouldn't try it. I would suggest that reincarnation wouldn't be quite appropriate. What are the aims of the unit?
  9. thebishop

    thebishop New commenter

    I would love to know where people get their information from!!! Number 1. Mormons do not believe in reincarnation in any shape or form. Like most Christian groups they believe in a bodily resurrection following a judgement. On another point, the name 'Mormon' should be taken as a 'nickname' first and foremost not as the name of the religion. The official name is "the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints", with most members calling themselves LDS rather than 'Mormon'
    So far as teaching about the religion to KS1, I would take the advice given by one of the other posts and ask those children you have in the school about their beliefs. You will be surprised how forthcoming they might be! Each sunday, Children from 3 to 11 have the equivalent of 'Sunday School' in what is known as 'Primary' where they sing songs, have stories and have lessons about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. On a Monday evening, most members of the Church have a 'Family Home Evening' where they meet together as a family and share fun and games plus lessons with a gospel message. You will be surprised how young some of these children are when they deliver the lesson in FHE.
    "Mormons' are Christians, and while there are some differences in doctrines, this is no different than the differences between Catholicism and Baptist or Seventh Day Adventists!
    Mormon's consume just as many Easter eggs as the rest of the population, and each of the traditional Christian festivals are celebrated. The only difference would be is that as a 'worldwide Church, the customs of each country will obviously have some influence on how they celebrate.
    My take on this is a personal one as a member of the Church myself. I find it sad that too often people's information about the Church comes from sources that are biased in some way, particularly from 'ex-mormons' who feel they have an axe to grind. Talk to us...you will find that we are actually quite normal people!!!!

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