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more Qatar help required...less to this contract:

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by gingeradonis, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. It's for a school which isn't really a school more of a tutoring centre (although gaining approval and hence expansion).

    - 6,000QR base rate, although should walk away with 12kQR. The base rate is there as it means when I leave they don't have to pay me some much (which she says when I sign a contract is held by the bank and therefore the base rate improves the cash flow for the school. I'm very vary about this.

    - Utility allowance (£50)

    - £150 shipping allowance

    - Own fully furnished flat

    - School not a certified school but working towards that (hence an expansion)

    - letters of objection available as long as 2 years has been complete.

    - Department will have one other person and resources sound ok.

    - will send me other teachers email addresses so I can contact them.

    I'm worried about the base rate and it not been an actual school yet. What's your thoughts people?
  2. Well if you give us a clue which place it is we may be able to advise. PM me if you want.
  3. I am pretty sure i know which school you are talking about.

    The 'golden period' of said institution was in 2009 when the Secondary and Primary sections were on different sites. Because of financial and sponsorship problems the secondary site was closed, and the students moved to the primary site. The resources of the school are mixed. They do not have real PE facilities - rather the school is housed in a large villa which means there is no real play area. The school has a swimming pool but it is the size of a large jacuzzi. The 'PE' teacher showed what a great teacher she was by working under these limits. She has now moved on. The school has for most classes a good number of textbooks, and former lesson plans and schemes of work by former teachers are all there.

    Staff were told by email in the summer (August) of 2010 that their salary was being reduced from 12 to 10,000. At this point, they were not in a strong position to search for new jobs.

    Staff that worked their contracts, and left in the summer (July) of 2010, were not paid up to the end of their contracts. Essentially they were paid 22 months of a 24 month contract. So...staff that worked for two years at this school with a great deal of professionalism lost out on £4000. Thats how they were rewarded for their hard work. The argument to defend such action was that these teachers would no longer be working for the school after the start of July, even though they had signed two year contracts and were entitled to holiday time and pay. They did receive gratuity which was the law. Staff that decided to leave the school after 1 year at christmas 2009, received no gratuity. They were told they had no worked a full year since they started in January, and were leaving on December 21st. I guess the Principle wanted them to either stay in Qatar over christmas away from their families, or fly back to Qatar for 1 day in january so they could 'complete' their full year.

    The School which only has around 20 teachers at both Primary and Secondary combined, has a very high turnover of staff. I wont go into details here why that is. I am just presenting you with the facts. Since 2008 to the present more than 20 teachers have come and gone, and this does not include TA's. A few of these teachers were fired, some broke contract and ran, the majority worked their contracts to completion. Only 1 Secondary teacher who started the 2009-10 academic year is still teaching at the school. Every other teacher has left.

    A few ugly incidents have occurred from 2008-2011, which has included 2 teachers filing court cases against the Principal, and 1 teacher filling a court case against the former sponsor.

    The school does provide good accommodation, and it is well furnished.

    The students are pleasant, but some have limited English skills.

  4. See da tree! Thats the one.
  5. Well Ginger....did you go for it?
  6. tyler durden

    tyler durden New commenter

    I really recommend a visit to the international schools review website to have a read about this place.
  7. If you want my advice, I would not work for this school, unless my contract stated my exact salary. I have been working in Qatar for 2 years and although contracts are really not worth the paper they are written on, if they are trying to mess about with your contract, then they are trying to screw you over (it is expensive to sue in Qatar).
    Schools can be very hit and miss in the Middle East, some outstanding schools here, but others that are not up to scratch.
    My point is be careful...if you have reservations, and they can't satisfy your issues, better to say no.
  8. I hear what your saying but in reality Mark, some teachers are still better off at crappy schools than some of the crappier ones back home. In a climate when thousands apply for each post the situation is not good and I am afraid these types of schools will choose and hire and fire or messs with contracts ***** nlly. I suspect this may be the start of the end of choices for certain teachers. Nothing intended for the original poster. Its the way of the world at present.
  9. Well I haven't had the full interview yet - which is October.

    I think that as previous posts have pointed out that it doesn't sound the best offer from Qatar, however I'm desperate to gain international experience - even if this isn't a listed school.
  10. Feel free to PM me and i will give you more details.

    Speaking to former staff the other day, we both agreed we enjoyed working at this school, and neither of us regretted our decision to work their for two years. But there were teachers, who hated certain things, and in your original post you stated that the school is looking to expand, and that the salary is 12,000QR but the base rate is 6,000QR.

    Well firstly the salary....this is so they can pay you less gratuity at the end of your contract, which is the law. It does not matter if this is mentioned in your contract or not, it's the law. But your gratuity will be calculated from 6,000QR. The two contracts (1 arabic, 1 English) - well the English contract is not worth the paper it is written on. Only the arabic contract is important (this is what a lawyer and the Ministry of Education told a fellow teacher).

    The expansion dream. I do believe this has been the line ever since the school opened. Like i said, in 2007, there was a single primary school. 2008, a primary school and a tutoring school, 2009 both a primary and secondary school on different sites. Right now, both primary and secondary on a single site. Secondary teachers, are teaching more than one subject. Eg, the Physics teacher, teachers: Physics, maths and chemistry. 1 humanities teacher, to teach geography and History from years 7-12. Two years ago, they had 2 sites, with a specialist teacher for each individual subject.

    But as Emperor stated. Do not necessarily allow these negative reviews to put you off. A few teachers at this school, would often not say a word in staff meetings and just get on with their work (and work professionally), and they did not have any real issues (with the exception of missing out on some cash at the end of their contract) - but they did gain their international experience.

    Some schools in Qatar provide terrible accommodation. This school does not provide accommodation on a compound (so not access to swimming pool or gym etc) but the furnished flats they give you are nice.

    Like i said, PM me for more details. You never know, maybe i am talking about a different school.
  11. Ginger
    Is there a chance that they are waiting to see what enrolments look like before hiring. October seems a little late.

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