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More money for what you do?

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by mark431, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. I am currently a second year teacher on M2 and as of September will have new responsibilities such as being an NQT mentor and leading whole school developments. I will be moving on to M3 and was wondering what the scope is for asking to be moved up to M4 for having an impact on whole school developments? There are currently no TLR posts at the school. Am I within my rights to ask at my Performance Management?

    Many thanks.
  2. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    Progression on the M scale is for years service and experience, so I would doubt it. TLRs are there for rewarding holders of teaching and learning responsibilities.
  3. In the current climate I highly doubt it. I am on U1. I am maths co-ordinator, student mentor and have in the past been acting senco among other things and have never been able to jump up or have a TLR. It might be worth bringing it up at your next performance management review so your head knows that its something you are aiming for so if staffing structure needs to be changed in the future you are in a good place. Ie. If an experienced teacher leaves and is replaced with an NQT if there is room in the budget you might get a TLR. It also depends on the size/situation of your school. At my place there are no TLRs and the only people who get any extra are the 2 assistant heads.
    Good luck anyway,
    As they say up here in Geordie land..
    "Shy bairns get nowt!"
  4. You could mention this at your performance management. If there are no TLR points available, your need to ask yourself what you are doing across the whole school. If you are supposed to have a significant impact on pupil progress or manage staff beyond your own classroom and this is a permanent role then there should be scope for the school to recognise this. However, the TLR structure in most schools isn't as flexible as the old allowance system (which is a shame) and this probably won't be possible. It is a little unfair now in schools that teachers with additional responsibilities get no financial recognition and that it is just a handful of teachers, mostly SMT, who are paid extra for the additional work they do. Not only that, headteacher are reluctant to give good teachers leadership roles because they cannot afford to pay them.
    What you should do is record everything you do against the teaching standards, including the threshold standards so that in your performance management reviews it is recognised that you are doing work that may be expected of someone on UPS so that when you apply for UPS, you will sail through it.

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