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More confessions

Discussion in 'Primary' started by cheesy wotsit, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. I hate APP and don't actually do it. Nobody checks.
    I hate Inset days, especially when all the Head does is read a Powerpoint Presentation then put us in groups to discuss. When we do, we just talk about what we did on holiday or the latest football results. I hate the people who actually do as they're told on these days. I hate the fact that everything we have discussed is never acted on.
    I hate Learning Objectives. I never do them, except when an Inspector comes in.
    I hate kids who refuse to go into the classroom and then watch as the Head just walks past them in the corridor and says 'good morning'.
    I hate Heads and Deputies who don't teach and then judge us teaching.
    I hate SIPs who aren't interested in anything but bloody targets.
    I hate TAs who constantly talk when you've asked for silence (though I can forgive them this as they are usually brilliant).
    I hate parents who expect to see you at any time of day without an appointment.
    I hate teachers who constantly talk about how wonderful their lesson went.
    I hate governors who listen to everything the head/deputy says and believes them.
    I hate it when the head 'works from home'. Wish we could.
    I hate parents who never turn up to Parents' Evening but then want to see you on another day.
    I hate IEPs - most parents never want them either.
    I really, really, hate home/school books. Most parents either a) don't bother doing their bit or b) use them to complain.
    I hate the fact that you are expected to do everything on a child's statement, which is written by somebody with little idea of teaching and requires you to do hundreds of things you can't possibly do.
    I hate staff meetings. FULL STOP. I also hate when we are given handouts and the Head reads it to us as if we can't read it ourselves. Not that I would bother anyway.
    MY BIGGEST HATE: I hate the fact that nobody trusts teachers any more without some sort of proof on paper that we're doing our job. Wish we could get back to the days when I first taught, 30 years ago.
    I think I should stop now......
  2. Sorry, put this in the wrong place. I hate people who post in the wrong place....

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