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More Confessions

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mermaid, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. emilystrange

    emilystrange Star commenter

    i confess that i resent doing paperwork that's just for parents because they might like it - learning journeys. i hate staff meetings where we do the same things over and over.
    i confess that i can't seem to manage my 2 KS 3 yr group class any more - paperwork, i mean. no fault of school, SMT, kids or me. I want a class with only one KS!
  2. lardylady

    lardylady Star commenter

    I confess... to watching at least 2 episodes of 'Look and Read' per week before hometime so I can get marking done
    ...always booking the laptops or ipads for the last hour on a Friday so the kids can have free time on them while I get planning sorted for the following week
    ... using my 'verbal feedback given' stamp when I can't be bothered to write a comment on their work
    ... recycling homework as soon as the kids have gone out to play on Monday, telling the children that the HT has asked me to file it away so they can't have it back
  3. Time to resurrect this thread!

    I'm only an NQT, but I'm starting to hate certain time-consuming things about my job already that my much older, wiser, more experienced colleagues keep warning me about all the time.

    I do have some confessions, and these confessions are ones that prey on my mind whenever we have a staff meeting or INSET of some kind.

    I don't print off my planning. I write a plan in order to 'internalise' the lesson, then that's it. My head doesn't ask for my planning, so I don't file it. I change my planning day-to-day, but I do it all on my laptop.

    I don't have much written assessment. I assess during my lessons and from my books, then I know in my head what to do tomorrow. I have seen sheets with children's names down the side that you write notes and tick/cross or whatever. I've never done them, and I'd only end up losing them.

    The times I find APP useful is when planning for my Y3/4 class, or when giving a sublevel for each child at the end of every term. I've not actually filled any of it in for my children yet. Same with Literacy and Science.

    I feel like I'm doing terrible because I know my displays, assessment and marking aren't very good, but my headteacher rarely checks and tells me I'm doing great all the time.
  4. wellingtonboot

    wellingtonboot New commenter

    I confess: I did tell my class that how much the headteacher's hair was sticking up was an indication of how cross he was that day. I may also have implied that this was magic when in fact he had a habit of running his hand through his hair when stressed.

    I have also sent the most annoying child to collect a glass of water for me from the staffroom. And told them to make sure they walk back ***very*** slowly so they don't spill any. I've also sent the second most annoying child with them to hold open the doors on the way back.
    lardylegs and (deleted member) like this.
  5. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    As soon as the most annoying child says "My head hurts", I send my TA to the office to ring his mother to come and collect him as I fear he has succumbed to a virus.

    Sometimes I send the TA without him saying "My head hurts"......
  6. noonan123

    noonan123 New commenter

    Hate marking, I can assure you none of my children read the comments, they just look for the team points.

    Hate parents, respect that I am trying my best with your child, it is not my fault your child enjoys wetting herself for fun (yes this happened in my class recently, and I teach year 3)

    Hate all the display malarkey! Who looks at the corridor displays seriously?

    Hate having to listen to each child read, one of the most boring and gruelling tasks ever.

    Hate whiteboards and pens, there is no point as majority of children change the answer anyway or draw on the back of them.

    Hate going outside to collect my class from playtime/dinner time what a pointless activity.

    Hate letters and sounds, always so boring.

    And most of all, and I think I speak for everybody when I say this....

    lardylegs likes this.
  7. noonan123

    noonan123 New commenter

    ignore, sorry
  8. noonan123

    noonan123 New commenter

    Genius! Absolute genius!
  9. tictactoe1

    tictactoe1 New commenter

    My confession - I really don't 'get' phonics.
  10. lucylollipop

    lucylollipop New commenter

    I confess that I hate and detest learning journeys and that I do as little as possible towards them. They tell us and parents nothing that we don't know already and are just an excuse to give parents lots of photos of their children playing happily!
    lardylegs likes this.
  11. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    • I too hated APP! It was so much better when we went to an "online" version and then (more or less) scrapped it altogether.
    • I think that most staff meetings are a waste of time. Why not just send an e-mail about what the SLT has already decided?
    • I quite enjoyed parents' meetings because my Chinese assistant did nearly all of the talking and I just sat there and smiled occasionally. And it was during the daytime, so we did not teach that day. Yippee!
    • I HATE OFSTED and I think that it does stand for "Overpaid F*****s Shafting Teachers Every Day". OFSTED is not the medicine. It's part of the illness.
    • I think that "mixed ability teaching" nearly always means letting and the dimmer and / or lazier students copy from the more able ones.
    • I HATE it when parents send their sick child to school. No, I am not a doctor and my classroom is not a hospital.
    • I don't understand a lot of the endless TLAs (Three Letter Abbreviations) that you hear all the time in staff meetings and you can read them (and not understand them) in most staff e-mails.
    • When I was teaching in China, all of the teachers were expected to encourage the students to speak in English. In staff meetings, however, the teachers from the UK (and especially the SLT) would talk in endless educational gobbledygook and jargon, so that most of the Chinese staff could not understand, even though most of them had very good English.
    • I once said to the mother of one of my students, "How about letting your daughter have a chidhood?" because the mother was always arranging swimming lessons, extra Maths lessons, tap dancing lessons, French tutoring, piano lessons etc., etc., so the poor girl never got a break.
    • I once sent an e-mail back to the principal, pointing out all of the grammatical errors and the spelling mistakes she had made.
  12. TheBigPickle

    TheBigPickle New commenter

    Why are you winding staff and parents up?
  13. sunshineneeded

    sunshineneeded Star commenter

    I hate whiteboards and pens - noisy and kids just draw on them, or wait to see the answer the brainbox next to them has written then copy it before holding it up in the air. Pointlesss.

    Something I miss … I'm not particularly religious at all, but I do miss hearing kids sing hymns in assembly and - even more - traditional carols at Christmas. It's not that I don't like all the more modern Christmas stuff, but I do love the good old carols. They're disappearing now, apart from at church schools. I'm sure most of you of my generation know a hundred hymns and carols, but I don't think my 11 year old grand-daughter would even know the words to 'Away in a Manger'. Weird thing to miss, but I do.
  14. lardylady

    lardylady Star commenter

    We sing hymns at every opportuinty in my school (Catholic) and I love it! I agree about traditional carols- last year we decided to have traditional carols only at our carol concert, but the children were only aware of Away in a Manger so we had to teach them from scratch. Worth it, thouh, when they were singing them by candlelight. I confess to shedding a tear when they sang Silent Night in harmony.
    lardylegs and sunshineneeded like this.
  15. lrw22

    lrw22 Established commenter

    I teach in a c of e school and we still sing all the traditional hymns and carols. Love them even though I am not very religious myself.
    sunshineneeded likes this.
  16. Northern_Miss

    Northern_Miss New commenter

    I love this, I struggle to find different rhythms for clap backs and so usually the kids get board with mine pretty quickly - but clapping to a sentence really works! Yes, I did just sit here and clap to my laptop, after reading you message, testing it out. I'm that teacher...

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