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More Confessions

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mermaid, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    Welcome to TES. We look forward to more of your pontifications in the future.
  2. beethan31

    beethan31 New commenter

    I love this thread and felt the need to 'bump' it seeing as it's near the end of term.
    Here's a few from me:
    I hate 'We're going on a Bear Hunt'... with a passion.
    I am becoming increasingly sarcastic with the children in my class as the end is in sight.
    I am rapidly going off the children in my class (F2) and they'll be lucky if they survive the next 9 days to the end of term without me drop-kicking one of them across the floor. Sorry, that's harsh. But that's what confessions are for. Roll on Sept when I've got KS2 (when I'll no doubt be confessing about hating them too... [​IMG] )
  3. There is nothing i like more then spending the whole time before assembly just chatting with my class.
    I really really fancy my TA
    I hate teaching Science with a passion!
    I hate TA's telling off children - for things that teachers would let slide.
    I hate spoonfeeding people
    I have also never used anything ever given out in a staff meeting
    I must confess I love being a primary teacher!
    I cant think of a better job!
    I often post on here just to wind people up!
  4. I tell my kids to "shut up" a lot - rather than "shhhh" or "please be quiet" etc.
    They don't mind, they like it and they do.

    I have favourites, they get better treatment.

    I haven't written a lesson plan since OFSTED came in 6 weeks ago.

    I haven't marked anything since then either.

  5. As a soon to be NQT...
    I confess that I can't wait for September to start (Yes, I know I will grow out of it!)
    I confess that as I student teacher I wanted to slap several people I met in schools..... the mentor who refused to believe that a 1st year BEd could POSSIBLY cope with the same qty of teaching as a 1st placement PGCE student (I'm decidedly not 18.. or as wet as the PGCE student happened to be). The letcherous head teacher who referred to us as 'ladies' for TWO placements, didn't know any of his kids names and blatently had a policy of employing only young, fit and female teachers and booting anyone else out....The class teacher who destroyed the confidence of a fellow student by slating her on day one and then gossiping about it to anyone who'd listen..... grrrr!
    I confess that when looking at a class list I form initial judgements about what the child will be like from their names..... Shayla, Mackenzie, Harrison, Taylor.......
    I confess that I quite like observations - I know, perverse!
    I confess that I actually had to physically bite my lip to be polite to the French parent who forcefully complained that I allowed the children to say 'Salut Miss ......' to answer the register one day, to vary the dull 'Bonjour' routine, when she complained that in a French school they would NEVER say salut when answering the register, why this was a horrendous mistake and pointed out the acceptable alternatives. What I wanted to say included some choice words about how we weren't in France and how the purpose of the exercise was to introduce some new vocab not replicate French schools!!
    I confess that I quite like SAT's/ testing, even when it isn't statutory.
    I confess that I love asking children to reflect on their learning and suggest how they can improve their work....job done!

  6. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    I confess...I walked straight past a group of children today, one of whom was swearing, and pretended I didn't hear.... Because I was starving hungry and thinking about the biscuit tin. Oops.
  7. I confess that I will be overjoyed at the end of term when I never have to see our current year 6s classes ever again. We've got some gems but they're more than outweighed by the others.
  8. McLauz

    McLauz New commenter

    Shalala, I couldn't agree more!
  9. Thought it was just us who had to sit around in a staff meeting discussing KS2 sports day that the head seems to care about so much more than ours in KS1. In KS1 we just sort it out ourselves.
  10. * Hate doing any kind of playground duty....boring and I need a wee / cup of tea.
    * Can't be doing with class assembly...so much stress.
    * Hate feedback.
    *Guided reading was never as good as when I did it one to one, as and when.
    * LOVE assessment! That's the worst one!

  11. razziegyp

    razziegyp New commenter

    • My APP is never looked at, so I gaily colour in random lines once or twice a year (on a 'let's make a pretty pattern' basis) and nod dutifully as if I'm completely on top of it if ever it is mentioned.
    • I have done absolutely no planning this year apart from one lesson plan for Performance Management last October.
    • Despite the fact that we are a 'healthy school' we regularly eat sweets each week on 'Chewy Tuesday' (we also have Manic Mondays, Wacky Wednesdays, Thirsty Thursdays and Freaky Fridays)
    • I am never without a cup of coffee in my class
    • In the holiday I brought my dog in to school and she peed on the carpet and also stole a ball
    • I cancelled our class assembly on the grounds that it was too near Sats and then carefully 'forgot' to reschedule it
  12. beethan31

    beethan31 New commenter

    Love 'Chewy Tuesday' and the dog pee on the carpet!! LOL
  13. Thank god you said that. I thought I would never be able to admit that there are two very attractive TAs/teachers working at our place. Makes it worth turning up to school each day. What's made it worse is that they have started making a point of wearing "PE kit" for PE lessons.
    Not that I'm complaining...
  14. cleggy1611

    cleggy1611 New commenter

    I can't stand the governing body and can't believe a bunch of wallies have a say in how a school is run.
    I never teach French.
  15. Well this has to be the best confession on the whole thread. This made me belly laugh out loud. Genius.
  16. The targets set during my performance management meeting the beginning of each year are promtly forgotten as soon as I leave the head's office. When it comes to my reviews, I wait to be enlightened about what I should have done towards them and then blag it!
  17. I hate it when teachers who have got an outstanding in an observation keep taking about it when you didn't do very well. I like it when we have a concert/performance/long assembly and sit praying it will last for ages. When the other teachers in my year group have gone home I peek inside the chidren's books to see what they have been doing. I watched the head type in the 'secret' code for the colour photocopier and now use it when no one is around. I quite often use worksheets. I hate doing an after school cub. I hate parents who tell me their child is being bullied when I know full well that they aren't. ahh rant over...
  18. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    Me too! I don't even keep the bit of paper!
  19. I hate playground duty, I hate reports and I hate the fact that we seem to be exected to live to work when we should be working to live.
    However, for fear of being too negative, I'd also like to add a few positive confessions:
    I love it when children are buzzing during an excellent lesson, I love it when they're excited to have learnt something new, I love the sound of children singing in assembly and it touches my heart when they cry at the end of the year that they can't be in your class any more.
    Teaching, REAL teaching, is a great job, it's such a shame that paperwork and jumping through hoops to please the powers that be spoils it slightly.
  20. If I see any good resources left in the photocopying room I always take a copy.
    I once broke wind in class and let a child take the blame
    I love it in the mornings when the childen come into class and all crowd round me at my desk wanting to tell me things.


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