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More Confessions

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mermaid, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    ... And at 8:30 this morning, it was me who pressed delete on your print job when you were sending down thousands of photos you could print at any time of day while I was trying to copy sheets and plans I needed for the day. And I pretended they hadn't come out when you came to get them.
  2. Double Moo hahaha! I hate it when people print loads of photos in the morning when you're watiting for plans or similar to print...they've got all day!
  3. essentiallyprincess

    essentiallyprincess New commenter

    OK I probably have a cheek posting on here considering I am a final year student (there you go confession #1),

    *I hate getting conflicting advice and not knowing which to take. (Probably going to be a situation I hate for the next 20 years).

    *I hate being treated like an idiot if I have got this far I must know something vaguely perhaps a rough idea! In the same way I hate being told by a teacher without her own children who has no idea on my background that 'I will get used to kids' really. Have you got used to being woke up with them having a nightmare and getting into your bed the night before an observation hmmm? hmmm?

    *I object to morning work. I don't see why early birds get 20 more minutes of teaching activities than the children who arrive just in time for register. They are not late. They don't have to get there until that time why do they have to miss out. I object to the morning work being undifferentiated so it is too easy for higher abilities and too complicated for SEN children. I object to planning, preparing and marking it. Why can the children not have a chat so they don't in lesson time and colour a pretty picture which they also seem to have little time for. Although the exception is the write your news morning work on a Monday - this is amusing. Parents ripping their hair out reminding their children about all the activities they had put on for them during the weekend or the honest parent who says write the truth we stayed in the house and did housework.

    *When I get told a child won't achieve an objective because they are low ability or SEN I try them anyway to prove they could and I was right.
  4. I once waited until a TA had gone home, took down a notice she'd made ("Rule's For Our Computer Area"), re-did it without the preposterous apostrophe and prayed she never noticed
    Speaking as a TA - she needs to notice and if not, she shouldn't be in the classroom.
  5. There's a child in my class that I dislike purely because of how much of an annoying woman his mother is. We bend over backwards to include him and she returned a governors questionnaire recently saying that she wasn't happy with what we were doing and wouldn't recommend the school to a friend.
    This makes me want to try a lot, lot less, sorry love.

    The funny thing is, as I got the letter (to put in my register) and it wasn't in an envelope, it went straight in the bin anyway, hahaha!
  6. * I constantly delete people's print jobs if I know they are unnecessary and will use up all the paper
    * I despise my new boss and so deliberately break her rules when she is not around and get great pleasure out of it
    *Now I have secured a new job for Sept I intend to take no work home until end of year and never stay beyond 5- all that extra paper work and data analysis I do no longer seems necessary as I wont be here to use it anyway
    *I have copied everything of use to me off our server onto my memory stick in preparation for next year already before they consider that I might do it in the summer term
    * I detest our PPA teacher as she always has the annoyinly chirpy attitude of someone who strolls in at half 8 and leaves at half 3 with no planning or marking to do and so makes stupid annoying comments that drive me demented
  7. The funny thing is, as I got the letter (to put in my register) and it wasn't in an envelope, it went straight in the bin anyway, hahaha!

    Whilst I have laughed along at lots of these...this one actually made me laugh out loud. Just hilarious. Every year we give out parent questionnaires, which are anonymous ....yeah right - just cause your name isn't on it doesn't mean when your child gives it to me I don't put 2 and 2 togther and realise I now know exactly what you think!
  8. God, what is it about governor parents!! At least 3 of ours are like the above. One when she got the post asked were there spot inspections! Talk about your own agenda.

    I confess that after one stroppy parent at parents evening claiming her child was so bright & bored in class that the next day I asked particularly difficult questions to the afore said child & she floundered- aha I thought not so easy now is it!! ( I know I am evil!)
  9. Poppychick

    Poppychick New commenter

    When a lesson doesn't go to plan or the work is a mess I take it home and just put it in the paper recycling bin.
    I smiled when I saw my class slagging off the overly 'churchy' Easter assembly when really I should have told them off.
    I nicked 4 whiteboard pens and a whiteboard rubber for my kids the other week.
    I deteste my line manager and find myself being deliberately overly nice and friendly to absolutely anyone when she's in the room except her just so she knwos I'm not a miserable cow it's just her.
  10. paulie86

    paulie86 New commenter

    I often "file" English hwk when I can't be bothered marking it,
    I make up my APP sheets as I go along,
    If in doubt over wether I should gve a mark or grade i do if I like the child,
    I often teach Science or topic instead of RE.
  11. so true - I did this too, my poor class only ended up with one each of those micro eggs! Didn't show them the other three bags I had in my drawer which I was saving for me! They too were the second lot I had bought as I ate the first lot!
  12. Am loving this thread!!!!
    - APP paperwork really is a waste of time, i'd rather spend the time making/finding a resource to actually HELP the children who dont get it rather than write it down.
    - Having a giggle with your class is human!!Its the best part of my day
    - My best lessons often have no LO or Sucess criteria
    - HT's who fast tracked to the post with minimal years of actual teaching day in, day out shouldn't carry out observations! EVER!!
    - Teachers who are reluctant to share ideas/exprience have got it all wrong!
    - I HATE teaaching PE and RE
    - I often have 3 or more empty coffee cups on my desk
    - Experienced teachers who are threatened by young, enthusiastic colleagues and treat them bady as a result should sort thmselves out!
    - I too use scacasm
    - 3.05 is the best part of the day, especially in late July!
  13. So that's why I end up doing Art and DT every day.
    Supply teacher.
  14. I love this post!!!

    *i hate APP and rarely complete it then end up making it up when it has to be looked at:)
    *I hate picking up the slack from other 'experienced' teachers when they decide to have 4 months off on the sick because actually OFSTED think they're sh*t.
    *I hate that i have to teach my lesson twice, once to my TA and then again to my children
    *I hate marking!! - Yellow and green highlighting is pointless especially when all my children look for is the housepoints!
    *I hate staff meetings that go on for 2 hours especially when your told all meeting will be kept to 1 hour as your time is precious!!!
    *I hate that the head and deputy never discuss things before they tell us so we end up doing things a millions different ways before they're happy!!
    *I hate it when TA's moan that they are not paid enough to do things...its your job!!! if you want to be a teacher go and train!
    *I hate that my cleaner moans when my classroom is messy after art!!!

    I am going to stop now as i think i could go on forever!!

    I do feel better now though:)
  15. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    Sometimes, if I have forgotten to give someone a very important message, I lie and say I put it on their desk or in their tray and they must have mislaid it. This also works claiming I asked the office staff to do something which they haven't, when all along the said job is sitting in my inbox.
    At the end of each week I throw away the cards children have made for me in their golden time, but tell the children I have taken them home to treasure them.
    If I go to the staffroom at the end of the day and see there are still biscuits on the table, I will pocket 2 or 3 and then walk out holding one, looking virtuous.

    • I hate having to empty the dishwasher when the people who sit in the staffroom every break never bother - and most of the time I have literally run in to make a quick cuppa to take back to class with me.
    • I hate it that I am on time collecting my classes after breaks, but have to supervise other classes misbehaving because their teacher is late.
    • I hate running ou to fthe staffroom to get back to class when the TAs sit there still chatting and drinking tea.
    • I hate it that goodies put in the staffroom always seem to be gone by the time I, and other teachers, actually get a break.
    • I hate PE - last year I paid for a yoga teacher out of the year group budget and told my head there was research showing it helped SATs results (nothing would've helped my lot last year).
    • I dislike primary science and last year gave it to my PPA cover. He has PE this year :).
    • I hate listening to parents' excuses for their child's nasty behaviour and no, I don't believe it's because some other kid on the estate is being a sh1t.
    • I hate it that it took Social Services over a year to rescue one of my boys from squalor.
    • I hate staff meetings that run over the hour recommended by the NUT.
    • I hate people arriving late for said meetings meaning they start late even though I was there and ready on time.
    • I hate the expectation to do clubs when I should be marking.
    • I hate school trips because of the headache I get from imagining all the things that could go wrong.
    • I hate school dinners and especially when they save all the worst food for my duty day.
    • I hate that I have no life.
    • I hate it that all the 50+ teachers who are on PPA/part time duties sit around talking about the fact they never had to plan. And then talk about what they did that evening or at the weekend when I have been working.
    • I hate it that some teachers who dress like they are going out clubbing. Killer heels and cleavage is a little... inappropriate.
    • I love it when my kids joke with me.
    • I love it that kids are so impressionable they all knew my favourite type of chocolate well before Christmas and then I casually dropped into conversation my birthday wasn't in half term this year. I also made sure the chn in my colleague's classes knew exactly when their birthdays were too.
    • I love it when the kids pick me up on mistakes because I have trained them to.
    • I love it that after two terms of training the chn are now marking their own and peer's work.
    • I confess Literacy homework goes in the bin at the end of the week; if we haven't marked the maths in class that follows too.
    • I confess I don't pay my tea money/staff fund until the last week of term - I don't like tea and would really like a written breakdown of what the money goes on because neither myself or any one I like has received flowers when off ill.
    • I confess to writing 'good luck' in their card when someone I don't like leaves.
    • I confess I also avoid contributing to their John Lewis vouchers.
    • I confess I tell the children to finish all their lunch and scrape most of mine in the bin or skip it all together.
    • I confess I have a favourite piece of punctuation and I actually rather enjoy maths.
    • I confess I like the days when I have no TAs.
    • I confess I have given up leaving anything worthwhile for PPA and supply teachers as it never gets done; out come the text books and the work is done on paper that gets filed... in the bin.
    • I confess I keep a bottle of lucozade in my cupboard for observation days/Ofsted.
  16. I seem to have a 95% hitrate on landing Music and PE on supply days. I hate both - but hey ho you go with what you're left with.
  17. missjivebunny

    missjivebunny New commenter

    I don't keep any paper from staff meetings. I have never once found myself thinking...I could do with that piece of paper I got at that staff meeting about target setting/IPC/some policy or other.
  18. Reading lots of these, and enjoying the thread - but this made me laugh out loud!
  19. What a dreadful thing to say. As a teacher and a parent of a child with severe SEN you absolutely disgust me. Thank God for the hundreds of wonderful teachers who do not ridicule or write off SEN children just because they have had the misfortune to be born without the academic blessings that you have. Shame on you.

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