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More Confessions

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mermaid, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. clear_air

    clear_air New commenter

    Indeed. I was expecting a confession as to the whereabouts of the glitter, or the weaving cards. !
  2. I hate marking my Year 1s work because they rarely, if ever, read it. I feedback everything verbally and do not need to then write it down for it to go straight in their folder. Even when we file everything together (which I do more as an easy end of day activity, than a purposeful feedback activity!) most of them can't read it without help, and/or have forgotten that piece of work anyway.
    I hate targets. We have target balloons that I haven't changed since Christmas. I heard a parent comment to their child the other day "you can do that target", which she quite rightly can, and that is the only target I have changed recently! Deciding on targets, displaying them, and telling each child their target takes up ridiculous amounts of time that could be spent teaching.
    I hate assemblies. Not just mine, all of them - apart from the celebratory ones, and the ones about major yearly events etc, which I do think have a purpose. I think they are a dire waste of time when 99% of the children in there turn off after 5 minutes and are just uncomfortable and bored.
    I hate PE. I especially hate it twice a week. My children get a higher level of activity at playtimes and lunchtimes than they do in PE lessons, and again, we could be spending this time in a better way. I also hate singing for this reason. If its done well its probably more enjoyable, but our singing teacher does the same bloody activities every week then wonders why the children arent engaged.
    I do still love teaching though - there's just a few things Id like to eradicate!
  3. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    Great post, Jim, and it was ME who refuses to bow the old head!

  4. Wow, that was uncalled for. You took a light-hearted thread and made it cringe-worthy. I think comments like this are best left to one's self. I don't "preach" to you about my beliefs and I wouldn't expect to be bashed about my beliefs on what is supposed to be a professional forum.

    I'm a big believer in "let's just agree to disagree" but as another poster mentioned, I think you really lowered the tone there
  5. In an effort to bring the thread back on track...
    1. I hate teachers who came in late last year, so now we ALL have to be in by 8:10. I'm not supposed to punish a whole class for the transgressions of a few, so why is admin doing it?
    2. I secretly feel elated when the bully/whiner catches it from someone else.
    3. I love laminating.
    4. I hate parents who say "Boy you look tired" when picking up their kids after I supervise them on an all-night field trip (but I wanted to hug the parent who said "I guess this trip made you never want your own kids, right?" after a week-long marine biology trip).
    5. When a parent said to me "Why aren't you using your breaks to help my child catch up in French?", I wanted to throttle him. WHAT BREAKS???
    6. I hate recess supervision, but I love afterschool bus supervision. "Oh Miss, can I just see you about my child?" "Sorry, I have to supervise buses!"
    7. I hate teachers who don't do anything extracurricular, do any staffroom cleanup, who get to leave hours earlier on Meet the Teacher and interview nights, and STILL complain about how busy they are.
    8. I know my kids are thieves but I can't prove it. I hate buying supplies to replace what's stolen. And when one of my prime suspects tells me his shoes/binders/notes are missing, I believe in karma a little more.
    9. My planning consists of point-form notes jotted in a plan book. Sometimes I look at last year's plans to see if I'm at about the same place.
    10. I also use someone else's photocopy code if they don't log out.
    11. I have a collection of dishes in my room that have made their way up from the staff room.

  6. I forgot to add that 90% of gifts I receive are regifted or donated to Goodwill. Also I am seriously considering telling my students that I am a recently-diagnosed diabetic to cut down on chocolate I get. And I hate suck-uppy children and sometimes wish kids still shoved their weenie peers into lockers.
  7. Quite agree. Some other thoughts:
    • I question the benefit of subjecting children to SATs tests. I have heard of a Y2 class who are not doing PE, Art, Geography of ICT til they've finished their tests. These kids are 6/7 years old for heavens sake,
    • Why haven't the resources I need in five minutes been returned to the store cupboard ... grrr
    • I don't like the Head bringing a new and unexpected new pupil to join my class at 9.50am on the morning she joins the school. A seat hasn't been arranged, books aren't ready and a cloakroom peg hasn't been organised.How welcoming. More importantly, I know nothing about this child: ability, behaviour, pastoral issues, known friends at the school. It all seems rather unprofessional.
    • And from another thread, I don't think staff should be put under pressure to dress up on themed days. It's just not me - I don't do fancy dress and in all my 40+ years, have never been to a fancy dress party [​IMG]. Thank God.
  8. clear_air

    clear_air New commenter

    Thank goodness it's not only me!
    I confess I don't dress up if I can't dress up as me. And I also confess that I hate dress up for my own kids.
    And I confess that I wilfully don't do (their) homework - and I refused to sign a stupid parent/school agreement to the effect either.
  9. lardylady

    lardylady Star commenter

    April Fool surely!!!
  10. No. 4- couldn't agree more!! Some people just love the sound of their own voices!!!
  11. I confess I originally posted a 'love/hate' list.
    So here now are some confessions.
    I confess . . .
    I do job-lot paper work when the piles of it threaten to topple over and spoil my system.
    I have things in my stock cupboard I'm not ready to part with but I know I will never use.
    I think younger, newer colleagues should know their place!!
    I pick my PPA/management sessions to suit myself but my colleague gets Wednesday afternoons whether she likes it or not. (OK I will negotiate alternatives with her if she asks.)
    I took morning playtime off the kids (Reception) and think the adults can manage without a hot drink. (I'm beginning to sound mean to myself - nearly!)
    I change my plans all the time, especially when I've forgotten to make a resource.
    I throw a lot (not quite all) of the lovely 'pictures' my children give me in the paper recycling.
    I use PPA for posting comments on a TES forum.
  12. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    Since being told that my APP writing had come out as being too high (funnily enough I didn't have this problem before APP was introduced - my teacher assessments almost always matched their QCA/NCT levels), I now just highlight randomly and use a bit of professional judgement and common sense (remember those, anyone?) and give a level according to those.
    No-one has noticed yet.
  13. I hate having to label children as 3c or 2a or 4c...
    I hate having to explain to SLT that the child - who has matured greatly over the year and made huge strides in writing - started the year at 3b and is still 3b according to the bl..dy data. I don't hate the previous teacher who sent him up as a 3b, I hate the system that sees him as a number not as a child.
    I confess to not putting my children's levels on display on the working wall as it demoralises them.
  14. It was me the NQT who changed your spelling on the notice board to 'grateful' instead of 'greatful.'I was just being consistent with the marking policey you as the deputy have rammed down my throat.
    I am planning not to teach DT until I get found out.
    I rush off my chair if SLT walks by.
    I mark when they are on the computers.
    I said I sent the email but I lied.
    Just because I am a NQT does not mean I live, drink and breathe school. I do have a life (well I try) too!

    Please come in and teach in the afternoon in my class before you decide to observe me in the afternoon!
  15. *policy ;)
  16. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    Ha ha ha ha! I haven't taught PE in more than ten years, bar the odd random lesson when it couldn't be avoided. And I don't feel guilty either!
  17. I laugh at APP (as it's non statutory guidance) and I'm the Head of Faculty! (Everyone else does it cos my number 2 says they must! She's more scary than me.) I hate being Head of Faculty but like the money. I secretly like the time I spend teaching in another faculty as it means my faculty can't get at me. I'm stressed enough that I have thought about visiting the doctor to be signed off every day for the last two weeks. If it wasn't for a school trip this week, I think I'd have done it!
  18. I confess that I don't like being touched or hugged by other members of staff even when things have gone t*ts up,or I have done a good deed, have even been heard to squeal loudly when hugged unexpectedly!
    So I am sending a virtual hug ArturDent - look after yourself - it's a job! I had to learn the hard way.
    I went off after a doo lally turn - stressed out of my skull. Now teaching only, and I find it sooo much easier to cope with.

  19. I lied....I didn't find the photocopier broken, I was the one that broke it!
  20. And i found your copying unfinished on the copier because the paper had run out, took it out, put paper in and did my copying & left yours on the side!!! Moo hahahahah!

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