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More Confessions

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mermaid, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. mermaid

    mermaid New commenter

    I don't agree with inclusion. They should re-open all the Special schools and more and allow children to be taught in schools and groups according to their needs.
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  2. kittenjames

    kittenjames New commenter

    ooh what a lovely thread!
    we all agree on so much.
    • re inclusion: yep, more special schools. having taught an autistic child most years since qualifying and watching how they struggle in mainstream.
    • targets? 5 year olds? PUH-LEASE!!!
    • competitive colleagues. let's go on a learning walk and slag off eachother's classrooms.
    • some children you just can't like, no matter how hard you try.
    • lazy, lazy colleagues. feel like you're doing all the work? that's because you probably are.
    • someone else said it, but pseudo-management speak. cringe-worthy.
    • flipping acronyms. it's like a whole other langauge...APP, SLT, SEN, QFT, AFL, CI blah blah blah...
    • no one in early years <u>really</u> knows what to do - just look at the EY forum for proof. that includes advisors/consultants/LEAs/me.
    gosh, that was cathartic!
  3. * I hate printed annotated plans, I think they look messy.
    * I adjust my plans as I go along on the computer, saving over the original each time.
    * I dislike doing proformas for TAs as I think a chat before and after the lesson is much better.
    * I HATE HATE HATE marking Literacy!
    * I get the children to mark as much work themselves as they possibly can - partly because that means I don't have to.
    * I don't think 2hours a week PPA is even close to long enough.
    * I refuse to work at home on weeknights.
    * I would love to see people in the authorities try to teach a lesson, never mind a day, so they can see what we are really up against!
    * I can't stand those parents who ask pointless questions at the door, e.g. "Is it so and so club tonight?" I normally answer with "Is it Friday? Then yes."
    * I wish some staff would actually use their common sense and realise that, just because I'm the ICT co-ordinator, I CAN'T FIX THE PRINTER/PHOTOCOPIER/NETWORK/COMPUTER/LAPTOP!!!
    * I don't like the parents who, after weeks, months and some times years of me pulling my hair out, they FINALLY (in Y6) say "I'm worried about x's writing/reading/maths, why is it so bad?"
    * I hate the fact that I get to work at 7:15am and leave at 5pm and STILL haven't finished all my jobs.
    * I wish that I could actually arrive at 8:30, leave at 4:30 and that be the end of my working day, without feeling guilty for refusing to work weeknights.

    Thanks, I needed that!
  4. Some children I'd happily take home and others I'd happily thump
    I think Phonics is robbing children of an enriching and useful English education.
    I sometimes 'accidentally' overrun stuff to shave a bit of time off boring lessons
    I once waited until a TA had gone home, took down a notice she'd made ("Rule's For Our Computer Area"), re-did it without the preposterous apostrophe and prayed she never noticed
  5. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    I think that sums up the job quite nicely.
  6. - I love laminating, it is a passion of mine and often take home laminating pouches from school to laminate stuff at home
    -I hate painting and have avoided using paint (except the mini water colour tins) for the past 6 years
    -I love going on course for one reason and one reason only - biscuits and a free lunch. This often determines which courses I go on as I pick my venue carefully.
    - I'm the one that used all the colour printer ink
  7. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    Isn't that two reasons? [​IMG]

    I've thought of a new one:
    • I know several other departments' photocopies codes... and occasionally use them!
  8. When teaching Y6, forgot to send on the childrens assessments and results etc to the secondary school with all the childrens reports and files. Did they ever contact us?? No course they didnt... shows how much they look at our results.
    Love teaching painting but only from the little water colour boxes as hardly any washing up.
    Kept a child back after school to look for his missing PE shoes as then his dad would come looking for him. The dad was drop dead gorgeous.
    Targets are a waste of time.
    Inspectors only critisize as they are afraid that Ofsted will and then they can say I told you so. But if Ofsted praise the school then the inspectors will say that the school has taken their advice.
    Teaching goes in circles- APP is just a rehash of assessment from 16 years ago and will be gone in 2 years.
    Children dont care about targets to move them on - only if they have a house point, star, smiley face etc.

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  9. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    I'm the same! She'd done a lovely job, but I couldn't have that apostrophe there all term. She hasn't said anything yet...
    * I print most of my things off in the computer suite and not in my classroom, to save my own ink.
    * I don't look at many of the answers in a long page of Maths problems, I just put a big tick at the bottom.
    * I get scared whenever a parent says "Can I make an appointment to see you?".
    * There are certain members of staff that I don't have much respect for, as teachers.
    * I don't like spending time after school planning, just because the other person is too slow to get it all done in PPA time.
    * I want to be able to teach the units I want, in the order I want, if I have to teach from units at all!
    * I got a really excited feeling inside the other day when one of my difficult pupils said they might be leaving.
    Ooh, this thread is bringing it all out.
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  10. I hate piles of paper and often just put stuff in the bin, then pretend I was never given it
    I often wish children would come to school without the parents getting involved, would be much easier.
    More often than not, I day dream during staff meetings and when asked a question, I have no idea what it is but make it up.
  11. Id take my box of marking home with me - but leave it in the boot of the car- just so I look like Im going to do something.

    We ran round the school turning the lights off when school was shut due to no electricity but it came on at 9.30

    another school I worked in we shut for 3 days as no heating - but we did have it in Y5/6 where I was.

  12. This thread made me laugh A LOT!
    *I occasionally hide paperwork or really dull pieces of homework for a couple of months before filing them at the bottom of the recycling bin.
    *When parents are moaning utter nonsense to me I use the tried and tested 'smile and nod' technique to pretend that I care.
    *I make up most of the ticks on my assessment sheets because the children who don't understand make that perfectly clear in the lesson when they stare at me gormlessly/throw rubbers at each other.
  13. forgot to say;
    I don't like doing IEPs as no one ever seems bothered about what is on them!
    I find it annoying that SMT turn up late to observations and miss a chunk of the actual teaching bit.
    That ofsted inspectors can hardly be bothered to give a clear grade or feedback after a lesson.
    Kids with slack bladders and or who cry a lot.
  14. That's hysterical
  15. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    • I'm more likely to want to go on a course if it falls on a full teaching day when I have playground duty.
    • I sometimes find it hard not to agree when children tell me how miserable some other members of staff her
  16. I hate playground duty but don't mind wet play because I can at least stay in the warmth!
    Homework is a waste of time, the ones who need to do it, don't, those that don't need to, do it and I have one parent who is a Level 4 ( but his daughter is a level 3 and I can tell which one did the homework!)
    No, I don't want to "keep an eye" on your darling daughter because she threw up this morning and might be feeling a little off, bloody well keep her at home.
    !I went to my Nan's at the weekend" is a very poor excuse for not having completed any homework, Grandma's have pencils too!
  17. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    I'll second all of those, jackie3
  18. guinnesspuss

    guinnesspuss Star commenter

    OMG I thought I was alone! Just shows you. I agree with EVERYTHING so far.
    Apart from youth v experience;
    Speaking as an 'older' teacher
    Not all older teachers are useless and being young doesn't mean they have all the answers, just more energy.
  19. This thread has cracked me up which I really needed after a really crappy day. I agree with loads of things that people have said.
    I am going to add:
    - Most of the handouts or paperwork I am given goes straight in the recycling bin after the meeting. Unsurprisingly not once have I ever needed any of the things that I have thrown away.
    - I am dreading parents evening, as there is one parent who upsets her child's current teacher every time by criticising and being downright rude. As I am pregnant, and my hormones are raging, I am going to find it so hard not to say all the things that I really wanted to say to her at the last one!
    - I have to resist the urge to say 'do you have no actual life?' to the teachers who seem to have nothing better to do than come up with some new piece of time consuming paperwork that the children have no interest in.
    - Why do we have to do more than tick, cross, well done/see me? That is all the children want to see, well that and if they have got a stamp/house point. All the questions and target setting is purely for Ofsted and anyone who does book scrutiny.
    - I make up my lesson evaluations the night before I hand in my planning file for scrutiny and no-one has said anything!
    • I make up my lesson evaluations too and throw in random names to say who hasn't understood then the next day I say I worked with them and all is fine now!
    • We are a 'healthy school' but sometimes (actually most weeks!) I sneakily reward the children with sweets on a Friday if they've had a good week (to cover myself I tell them to clean their teeth when they get home!)
    • Sometimes if Friday afternnons are fraught I use said sweets as shameless bribery to be good-I've even been known to eat one in front of them saying how nice it is to tempt them!!
    • I am secretly glad when the boy in my class who is always hurting other children when he hasn't had his Ritalin is hit back by one of the other children, I don't say it of course but I don't blame them one bit!
    • I too HATE APP!
    • When children tell tales in the playground when I'm on duty I say'thanks for sharing that with me' and do nothing about it (unless of course it's serious-it usually isn't) saying thanks for sharing seems to satisfy them somehow!
    • I text under the table in staff meetings!
    • I rarely listen properly in staff meetings, I plan our tea!
    • I teach my Year 6s about the evils of alcohol in science then go and get trollied at the weekend-do as I say not what I do!
    • Sometimes I find it very difficult to keep a straight face whilst telling a child off.
    The list goes on! What a great thread!

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