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More A Level Questions - Resources

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by backtoback, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. backtoback

    backtoback New commenter

    Sorry for all the questions on A Level.
    Do any of you charge your students for resources in A level Media? If so, what do you charge per year, how is this arranged and what does it cover?
    Also, when they are completing their coursework how do you manage them using the resources/equipment - are they allowed to take it out of school? Again, if so how do you manage this?

    Thanks :)
  2. I'm blessed with both a splendid librarian +a splendid AV technician:
    Library sells them the NelsonThornes book for AQA AS or A2 at discount. I do have 2 copies in library too that they can share, as well as selling books from last year's students. Library also sells CDs, DVDs + USBs at reasonable price as well as colour copying credit. Occasionally pay for bits at my discretion.
    The AV tech now has all my DSCs + DVCs plus accessories, + all are booked out through him. Students can pre-order kit, take it home etc. They sign a basic form if they're using it in school in the day, + parents sign a 'yes, we'll pay if they break it form' for longer loans. This also means that kit can be pre-charged, ready for use. Once they've signed + got it, it's their responsiblity. Rarely any problems. The only broken DVC came back form a staff member!
  3. backtoback

    backtoback New commenter

    Thankyou, thats really really helpful!!
  4. backtoback

    backtoback New commenter

    Hi again.

    sorry to revive this thread, but is it possible that I could get a copy of your letter that you send home to parents? I need to do this as theyre almost ready to film....

    my email is backtoback @gmail.com

    Many thanks!

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