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Moray House

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by leahk88, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. Hey

    Has anyone heard whether they have an interview for Moray House? I had an interview last year and heard on the 23rd of Dec but this year I haven't heard anything! I am starting to think I wasn't successful. :(

  2. Hiya, I heard on the 23rd that I have an interview..but I heard from a friend that they are giving a second batch of interview confirmations after New Year so don't give up yet!
  3. Congratulations on getting an interview! I am waiting to hear back too. I emailed Liz McLaren at the start of December asking when we would hear if we were successful as she said they hoped to tell us before Christmas. I've given up hope for this year so it would be a lovely surprise if I got good news in the New Year!!
  4. Hey, I found out last Thursday that I had in interview but I dont think they have replied to everyone yet
  5. I heard last week that I have an interview at the end of Jan. Talk about terrified!
  6. Hey Gail

    There were 6 people in each group and 2 interviewers ( one was a headteacher at a primary school and the other a lecturer at the uni) we started off doing an ice breaker where you had too learn things about the person next to you and then introduce them to the group. Then the interviewer would read out the first question and everyone just starts talking about it. The problem I had is that I am quite shy and if there are really outgoing people in the group they can kinda hog the convo! Good luck and let me know if you need any more info :) !
  7. Hey guys. Congratulations on getting your interviews at moray house! i've applied, but haven't heard yet. just wondering what courses you applied for? Secondary or Primary? And which subjects?

    Best of luck with your interviews!

  8. Hey! I emailed Liz McLaren on Christmas Eve assuming I had been unsuccessful. I received a reply today saying that they have yet to tell all successful applicants and they are waiting on confirmation of numbers for the 2012 intake. Anyone who has yet to hear, don't give up hope yet!! x
  9. Hi all,
    First year applying to Moray House and still waiting to hear anything. Might e-mail in the morning if nothing comes by post.
    Just want the interview over and done with....been waiting to start this course for years.
    Will keep in touch!
  10. Hey Guys

    I got an email today saying that I have an interview! Thank god because I was starting to worry! Good luck to everyone.

  11. Congratulations Leah! I have yet to hear either way, although I am assuming at this stage I have been unsuccessful. Good Luck for the interview!! x
  12. Hi Gill

    I hope you hear something soon because its horrible sitting around waiting! Did you email Liz again and ask her?

  13. I haven't emailed since she told me that they were waiting on confirmation of numbers and still had interviews to give out. I will probably email again if I don't hear by Friday. It's such a slow process getting back to everyone!! x
  14. Found out today that I have an interview as well. Afternoon session for primary. Maybe see some of you guys up there (I am coming from London).

  15. Hi leahk88,
    Thanks for the info re the group interview. Am I right in understanding that there is the ice-breaker and then the group interview and that is it? Or is there a 'normal' type interview as well? Not that I'm panicking or anything lol.
  16. Hey papoosue

    I am not sure if every group do an ice breaker but my group did but I am pretty sure they will all do the group interviews similar though. There wasn't an individual interview last year just the group one which lasted about an hour. You will do great don't worry, it really isn't too bad!
  17. At last!
    Got an afternoon interview on Frei 27th!

    So no individual interviews this year then? What kind of ice breakers did they do last year then?
    Maybe see some of you on the day!

  18. Oh thank you so much for confirming that :) It's such a nerve wracking time - even though we all try not to let it get to us! Fingers crossed for us all.
  19. Hey Everyone

    How is the preparation coming along? See for the question about a piece of work with children do you think it would be ok to bring pictures as proof? This week at brownies we are working on a badge and I am required to organise a game and teach the kids about different animals. I am not sure if it would seem kinda pretentious to start pulling out a bunch of pics in the middle of a group discussion! What do you think?


  20. Hey everyone,
    I also have an interview for the afternoon session on the 27th.

    Soo nervous. Trying to also understand the process as it looks like we're there until 4.30pm so i suspect there is more to the day than just the group discussion. Looking at other Unis they do a range of things like maths tests, presentations etc so there has to be something more.

    Does anyone know what the dress code is? do we go like we would to a normal interview or will it be more relaxed?

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