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Moray House PGDE Primary - Group interview 28th Jan!!

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by MollyLee, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I am currently on the PGDE course and was in your position last year at this time, it IS nerve wracking! Are the 4 subjects are the same (Cfe, inclusion, what is a teacher and an example of teaching....
    you basically get about 40 minutes, so 10 minutes per topic and there are 4 of discussing the topic and 2 interviewers observing - and thats that!!
    Know about Curriculum for excellence - its history and where we are now, know about inclusive education for all/ "child at the centre" etc, go onto Learning Teaching Scotland, HMIe if you have not already done so.
    You dont get long - you need get your point over without being pushy!

    Good luck

  2. Hi there
    Thanks for the advice - it's a big help hearing from someone who's been through it before!
    The 4 topics we've been given are: How inclusive are schools? / Describe a good teacher and qualities they had / talk about a successful piece of work you've done with children / discuss an education issue. Apparently we'll be split into groups of 6-8. I've started doing some research and am going to speak to the teacher I've been shadowing to get more info / advice. I'm just going to try and arm myself with as much info as possible and cross my fingers!
    Yeah I think the thing that's worrying me is not getting a chance to get my points over! I suppose it's getting the right balance so not sitting there saying nothing but not dominating the discussion! I thought there'd be an individual interview too so quite surprised.
    Anyway thanks again for your help!
  3. I was just wondering how exactly the 'discussion' works? Are we literally plonked around a table and left to our own devices or do our interviewers lead the discussion and prompt the group to discuss individuals topics? I'm quite nervous about how little time we will each have to answer - particularly since we're trying to include our own experiences in our responses. I have visions of ending up with someone who monopolizes the conversation meaning the rest of the group can't get a word in edge-ways or worse - i turn out to be that person!!![​IMG]
    I also wondered how many people MH are actually interviewing? I saw in another thread that there were around 10 applicants to each place, but wondered what our odds were now that we've reached the next stage.
  4. Hi Judy
    I'm worried about that too! [​IMG]
    I think I'm going to phone MH and see if I can find out how many are being interviewed. Will let you know if I find anything out!
  5. Hi again
    I spoke to Liz McLaren at MH and apparently there'll be 70 interviewees in the morning and 70 in the afternoon!!!
  6. Wow - busy day!! Did she mention whether that was the only date for interviews? My friend has passed my email address on to her former head teacher who used to be on the board of admissions for the course at MH before she retired and i'm also hoping to contact and old teacher of mine who is on the board of admissions for secondary applications to get a little bit more information about what to expect and what they're looking for. I'll pop a post up with any useful information they give me!
  7. Hi - I thought I would add to this thread a couple of comments I found in a seperate forum regarding Moray House interviews for last year;

    "We were given four subjects connected to education to discuss. They let
    us know in advance what the subjects were. We were interviewed by two
    people; one was a head teacher and one was a tutor from Moray House.
    They gave us a subject each to discuss with the others."
    "..you were given the four topics in advance but you didn't know which
    topic you would have to lead on during the interview. You need to revise
    them all though because you are expected to have an input when the
    others lead."

    This has given me a better idea of how the interview may be structured although with 6-8 people in each group and just 4 topics it may well vary.

    Anyway, I hope the interview preparation is going well for everyone and i'll see you all in two weeks time!:)


  8. Hi there
    Interview prep is going ok - just nervous and feel like I should be doing prep every minute of the day!
    Yeah I feel a bit better now I know how it's going to be structured. I think if there's 6-8 people to a group the assessors will throw a discussion topic at us and we'll just have to start discussing and then they'll decide when to move us on to a new topic? I'll feel so much better when the interview is over - I'm sure everyone's the same!
    How are you getting on with your prep? I'm having trouble trying to pick one educational issue to focus on and prepare for - there are so many to choose from, and don't want to overload with info! I've spoken to a couple of teachers and they've said that implementing CfE is a challenge for them - and the transition from the old curriculum to the new is a challenge. I think that would be good to talk about but worried it might come across as being negative about CfE...?
    Good luck with the prep! See you on the 28th!

  9. My prep is going alright - CfE seems the obvious choice for the educational issue given it doesn't feature prominantly in any of the other questions, except perhaps inclusion. I'm a tad worried we're going to be repeating one another on it in the interview though [​IMG].
    I've looked at a few angles to approach it from - one of them being the issues with implementation that you mentioned. I've spoken to old teachers and colleagues as well as a couple of friends who are completing their probationary year and all have confirmed my own suspicions that many schools are having great difficulty with the new curriculum. I too was worried about coming accross as negative in analysing CfE but surely if we end on a positive note i.e. suggesting it will improve with time, or how important our role as new teachers is in moving the curriculum forward having only known CfE rather than having to adjust from 5-14, it might still be alright? It at least shows interest, I think. Either way i'm preparing a couple of different 'issues' incase someone uses the one i've chosen on the day!!

    Also I wonder if we are allowed to take in notes - even a prompt card with the main points you want to get accross? I might e-mail Liz McLaren and check!
    On a really daft note - have you decided what you're wearing on the day? I'm trying to strike the balance between professional meets lovely primary teacher type and i'm failing miserably! haha.

  10. You sound very prepared - eek! And that sounds like a good idea having a few different angles to look at something from. I've prepared for all of them but left the educational issues topic til last. I think it's hard to prepare given that we have no idea what the rest of our group will come up with! I'm sure everyone will talk about CfE though - it's all over the media and kept coming up when I spoke to teachers.
    I had thought about the problem of repeating each other - especially if we're given the 'good teacher' topic - I'm sure we'll come up with the same things!! I suppose just re-emphasising someone's point - saying you agree with what they've just said (shows you've been paying attention!) and maybe giving reasons why you agree will look good. I spoke to someone who got into MH 2 years ago and they said it's about facilitating the discussion too - trying to draw others into the discussion, asking their opinion and reflecting on what someone has said then linking it to what you want to say - easier said than done! I know I'm going to be kicking myself after the interview cos I have lots to say and probably won't get a chance to say it!
    I'm having a wardrobe dilemma too [​IMG] I'm definitely wearing a straight black skirt and black heels but am struggling with what to wear on top - I've tried on all manor of things, but none of them seem right! Probably going to wear a blouse of some description. It's hard to get the balance right - a business suit just doesn't seem right!
  11. everyone seems very organised - good start to teaching!
    I do hope everyone gets a chance to speak but I imagine if there is someone who isnt getting a chance to contribute then the assesors will get them involved.
    Im thinking CfE for the educational issue as its the biggest one around at the moment and will give us the chance to show what we already know about it.
    Im going to to wear a suit :) not sure what top tho, I did fashion design at uni so it always takes me too long to decide on the complete look!

  12. Hey, I found this a while back, it might be helpful - http://kmacd.wordpress.com/2008/02/24/pgde-interview-preparation-what-i-want-to-say/
  13. That's really helpful - thank you! [​IMG]
  14. Interview is over!! it was a lot less nerve racking than I thought, had a really good group of people and we all got our points across well. just the wait for a reply now - up to 3 weeks!! x
  15. So glad it's over...now the wait for the results!! I too had a really nice group and fortunately we were all pretty early (i was in the second set of interviews) and so were able to get to know each other a little before going in which made me much more at ease. Quite happy with my responses, although i didnt get the opportunity to contribute my 'successful activity' - lots of very experienced and knowledgable folks there so competition will be stiff!

    Good Luck and hope you get in!!

  16. Glad the interview went well for you both! It wasn't half as bad as I thought - in fact it was quite enjoyable! I think because everyone in my group was so nice and the assessors really put me at ease, it really helped. It's just so difficult to know how I did - there wasn't anyone in my group who I thought didn't do well and didn't stand a good chance of getting in!
    Just have to wait and see!
    Good luck guys [​IMG]
  17. Unfortunately an 'unsuccessful' for me. Just received my update via GTTR just now:(

    Totally gutted but onwards and upwards - time to start on plan b - teaching english abroad, and and contact Liz McLaren to get some feedback towards preparing for my application next year.
    Hope you all receive better news than i did!

  18. b22


    Hi. Iv just been accepted on the PGDE primary course 2011 and am from n Ireland. Is there anyone out there who knows of any good accommodation, needs a room mate etc? Tnanks


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