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Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by flora1, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. flora1

    flora1 New commenter

    Does anyone know how to load VLE software, such as Birchfield to a Moodle? Have tried adding an IMS package, but can only upload one file. Would appreciate any help.
  2. http://birchfield.co.uk/support/faqs/installation/vle/generic
  3. flora1

    flora1 New commenter

    Thanks. Will try that.
  4. They will probably be SCORM packs and so you will add them via "add an activity>SCORM/AICC" and beware of the max upload size - some of these packs are very large and your course (or even site) upload limits might not be large enough, in which case you will need to upload them directly into the folder on the server via FTP -post back if you it turns out they are too big and we can give more info.
  5. flora1

    flora1 New commenter

    <u>Thanks for all the help. Will try it when given more time.</u>

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