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Montessori and PGCEi ...leads to where?

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by indrakshi_dcosta, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. indrakshi_dcosta

    indrakshi_dcosta New commenter

    Hi Bukky,
    I have an AMI (3-6)diploma and have worked in a Montessori environment for two years. Prior to that I was teaching in a professional college for hotel management students. I do not have a graduation in teaching but changed careers midway opting for Montessori and pedagogy. I loved working in a Montessori classroom but also wanted to qualify myself further in order to be flexible to work in international schools in places where Montessori is not being offered.
    I am currently doing my PGCei. However I am still not clear as to what is required to foray into international schools esp in the Middle East where I live currently. I would like to stay with teaching and grow in experience before doing a Master's. SEN is also a field of interest that I want to gain experience in being close to Montessori and inclusive education. Pls advise.

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