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Monterrey Mexico - Dangerous? **** Money?

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by Wet Towel, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. I heard Monterrey is quite dangerous now, is it true?

    Is 1100 USD plus free (shared) housing adequate?
  2. I can't really say what it would be like to live there but I did go to a conference there 3 years ago and thought the city was great - lots to do, great restaurants and street food, really nice walks through the city centre, good art museum, a local brewery, the Mexican history museum, big university, etc. It "felt" safe everywhere I went, unlike some parts of the city I live in now. The cost of living was unbelieveably cheap - a colleague lost his case and replaced everything for about $25US (including another case). I ate out every day, took taxis everywhere, bought presents and still only spent about $50. However.......I have heard that they have a problem with drug gangs, police officers have been shot and there was a gun battle in the city centre quite recently. This sounds terrible but this kind of thing happens in lots of other cities around the world; which can come as a bit of shock if you move there from Quiettown, UK.
    I noticed you posted another question about a phone interview, if no-one can help you here, why don't you ask the school (obviously be tactful). Use your own judgement with regards to what they tell you, hopefully they'll be honest - local knowledge is the key to staying safe and avoiding putting yourself in danger. Best of luck.
  3. Hello.
    I am located in Monterrey, Mexico.
    In response to your questions. I don´t know the kind of opportunity you have at hand, your standard of living, but regarding compensation $1,100-usd per month seems low ... Monterrey is one of the most expensive cities in Mexico, more expensive than resort-town Can-Cun.
    On the other hand, regarding how dangerous the city is, let me tell you its dangerous. You may checkout local newspapers like MILENIO.COM or ELNORTE.COM that have daily stats on homicides and to this date 958 so far this year (last update: July 16, 13:39-hrs CST), out of which 821-criminals, 82-police and 55 ordinary people.
    So, if you plan to work in Monterrey I would negotiate, live insurance and higher compensation based on costo-of-living, safety and security.
    As residents of Monterrey, we all hope that peace will prevail, but we have not reached that point yet, actually we are quite far from that goal.

  4. Hi, I'm about to start a job in Pachuca, north of Mex City, and I wonder about your opinion regarding the violent trends occurring in Acapulco lately. Is it common for the Mexican Mafia to demand protection money from teachers and other civil servants?
    Just wondering, but it seems like a pretty shaky situation. What do you think?
    The Shriek

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