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Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by Foneypharaoh, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. ...feel free to join in....
    Or as 'The Floyd' said "Is there anybody out there?"

  2. ...feel free to join in....
    Or as 'The Floyd' said "Is there anybody out there?"

  3. kemevez

    kemevez Occasional commenter

    twenty one, checkers and chess
  4. bigfatgit

    bigfatgit New commenter

    Monopoly? Why is there only one thread about this? [​IMG]
  5. Ah. A few nights ago, sosmething like the last eight blogs were all 'last posted' by me. Some ok, some rubbish, most slurred. No one else seemed to be contributing so I started this one - looks a bit silly now...
  6. mrswallow

    mrswallow New commenter

    *** board games. There's rugby on t'telly. How are you all enjoying the RWC? How is the time zone thing working out for you lot?
  7. Pretty poorly really. Games at 3am, 5am etc. Not only, that the wekend here is Friday, Saturday and there are games on Sundays. Including the final between England and NZ.
    INSET this Saturday so will miss the Irish sticking it to the loaf nickers.
    Can't complain though, the channel has EVERY game on live and repeated later. Not their fault that I live in a country with a stupid weekend and a company that has me working unreasonable hours... [​IMG]

  8. the evil tokoloshe

    the evil tokoloshe New commenter

    Tomorrow morning I will be lying in bed watching the rugby with a nice cup of tea, the same on Sunday. At least the England and Saffer games are at 8am. Might even get up at half time and have a bacon sandwich.

    And today, Phoney, I am going to be doing sweet FA (even at work)
  9. Me too, but tomorrow, no such luck.
    NZ beat Japan this mornin.............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
  10. The positive side of my timezone is that we are only a few hours behind NZ so I get to see all the important matches at a reasonable hour when the pub is open.
    Quick Question: Why mono-poly? Why single-many? Most odd.
  11. The winner gets everything!
  12. MisterMaker

    MisterMaker Occasional commenter

    Have schools reopened in Egypt yet? Haven't had email from my pals out there (perhaps I ought to reply to the ones they sent me!) for a while.
    Been busy setting up my new place - hectic last two months, but I found time to play snakes and ladders with my two daughters last week.
  13. The good ones have...

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