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Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by balders23, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. balders23

    balders23 New commenter


    Bit of background so you understand: I am actually a music teacher but studied performing arts at university. I've ended up gaining some drama on my timetable as a result. I have been promised that it is a short term thing (our secondary school only has 2 classes of year 7 & 8 right now) and I am creating our drama programme as we go through the year.

    With year 8 I am about the begin a monologue unit. I just wonder if anyone had suggestions for ways to start this unit or activities they have done that have been successful?

    The aim of the unit is for students:
    • To understand what monologues are and how they can be useful in a piece of theatre.
    • To be able to portray a character.
    • To understand & experience scripted theatre & devising.
    • To create their own monologues & perform them.
    I have some ideas but would really value any suggestions/advice, & even suggestions for good monologues to introduce to a year 8 age group. They are working on Macbeth in English and we could use those characters but as they have 3 lessons a week on this I think it might be nice to introduce them to different texts.


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