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Monitoring Reading and Guided Reading - help needed!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by applestrudel201, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. Monitoring Reading and Guided Reading - help needed!

    Hi, our HT is requesting medium term planning for Guided Reading that gives details of text (incl.pages), introduction, strategy check, questions and next steps (for independent follow-up activity the next day) for every Guided Reading group per half term. Most classes have five GR groups, so this amounts to planning 30 lessons in advance for a six week half term. As Literacy Lead, I am arguing that this is too much (effectively, it is daily planning) and poor practice as it doesn't allow teachers' ongoing assessment to inform their planning.

    I know HT is requesting these plans as a means of making sure teachers are planning GR effectively, and as subject leader, I also appreciate how difficult it is to monitor Reading. Does anyone have any advice/ideas for good practice in monitoring Reading, particularly Guided Reading, and are there any medium term planning pro formas you could recommend for Guided Reading?
  2. iccle_jen

    iccle_jen New commenter

    Medium term planning for guided reading is impossible!

    We do guided reading every day across our whole school. I have 4 groups in my classroom; I plan for 2 of the groups (and alternate between the 2). I plan the first day for my teaching assistant of the other 2 groups and then she plans the rest at the end of each session.

    It wouldn't work planning it so far in advance. If the kids aren't following the story, you need to slow down/revisit/strategy check sections. I am happy to send you my weekly planning (that we use across the whole school).
  3. Wonderwoman1

    Wonderwoman1 New commenter

    I would be grateful for a copy of your weekly planning iccle-jen.

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