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Monitoring Energy - Eco Schools

Discussion in 'Primary' started by missminx, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. Can any Eco School Coordinators help out?

    How do you record your energy usage in a child friendly way?

    I'm looking for a website where we can record our energy consumption inc. electricity, gas and water. I once saw a site that had an excel download which helped to record energy use and produce graphs... Can't find the site again anywhere on google.

    Any help much appreciated.
  2. Sorry that i'm not able to help you on the excel site - if you do find it please let me know it sounds perfect for us too! My class decided to measure how much electricity we save by marking a sticker on a chart every time we switch the lights off when we leave the room or don't need them on. All classes are doing this and then at assembly on fri we compare charts and see who has saved the most. Although it doesnt really tell how much, it certainly encourages the children to consider whether overhead lights are lways necessary and makes sure we always remember to turn them off! I put the stcker chart in resources - it's nothing fancy but might be of interest?
  3. Our Eco Council pupils (accompanied by adults) take electricity meter readings and check oil tank levels each week. The Y6 members add readings to a graph on a huge sheet of paper once a week during Assembly, and publish figures on the school website. R pupils know that if the line is going down, it's good, KS2 all understand that it costs us less and is better for the environment, and the whole school is much more aware - I overheard a Y2 pupil asking a parent helper to 'shut that door please Mrs Howard. It will be good for our planet'.
    Good luck with your project.
  4. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    Have you signed up with Generation Green?
    They have tools online for Carbon calculators and the like; and you can earn rewards for your school.

  5. caz100

    caz100 New commenter

    We have found a nice easy way - our local authority will monitor it for us! we collect meter readings and send them in, they also check our utility bills and noted that we were paying way too much for our water, this was investigated and reduced.
    If you are making it an objective for eco schools, have you carried out and energy survey? the carbon trust one is not so child friendly so we made our own, we took temperatures and light readings, investigated each classroom for use of electricity etc then the pupils wrote up a report with energy saving tips for each class and presented the head with a series of essential repairs and recommendations included push taps (which we got) and energy saving lights.
    Monitors patrol classrooms at breaks turning off lights, projectors, pc's, closing doors and doors etc. the class with the best record of energy saving is rewarded with a certificate each week. we have school competitions for energy saving tips posters.
    last year's aim was to reduce our utility bills by 10% and we met the aim!
  6. tonymillar

    tonymillar New commenter

    This website is loaded with Eco Schools resources including a specific section on energy TeachShare
  7. School Boy Error

    School Boy Error Occasional commenter

    We bought an OWL energy monitor which shows live data across the school of enegry usage either in Kw/h or £ and pence. It also produces historic graphs. We've not figured out yet why we use more electricity on a Tuesday than any other day!
  8. I was looking about at my previous posts and foudn this, the competion ends on the 27th January so if you want to enter there's still time this week!
    I was looking around for green ideas and came across this thread, I
    hope you managed to get your garden togther! I saw this which might
    help, the generation green project is still going!
    Win £500 for your 'Green Dream'

    been inspired by all the hard work being done to make Schools more
    sustainable so we’ve launched a new competition giving Schools the
    chance to win £500 to spend on their ‘Green Dream’. All you have to do
    is tell us how you would spend the money on to make your school more
    environmentally friendly!
    For more details and to enter 'Our Green Dream' competition please click here.
    only will the school win £500 to make your Green Dream come true but
    the winning class will also win a trip to one of five amazing locations.

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