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MONEY SAVING TIPS - as I'm sure we're all feeling the pinch!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by beckie101, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. Thought we could have a thread of people's money saving tips - i certainly need some!

    I will start with one:

    buy your fruit and veg from a farmers market/local market if you can - saving money and supporting local business at the same time :)
  2. Thought we could have a thread of people's money saving tips - i certainly need some!

    I will start with one:

    buy your fruit and veg from a farmers market/local market if you can - saving money and supporting local business at the same time :)
  3. Whatever you think you need from the supermarket, reduce it by at least a third and see what you didn't need!
  4. Buy tesco value - it's actually no different.

    Wear all the clothes which have been sitting in the back of your wardrobe for ages which you've never worn - it'll be like having lots of new clothes!

    Use up all the food in your cupboards and freezer before going to the shop - there's a mad amount of stuff in there which just doesn't seem to get used!

  5. Empty your purse of loose coins at the end of the week and save in a tin.

    Mounts up very quickly.

    I also only ever pay cash, divide my monthly money up into 4 envelopes and only spend what is in the envelope.

    Bulk cook when produce is cheap due to season or meat is on offer (butchers will sell mince off cheaply at the end of the day) and freeze.

    Avoid loads of cleaning products and buy a bottle of white vinegar and some bicarbonate of soda.

  6. 1.Needing bark chippings for the garden?

    Check with your local environmental agencies in the council. My local council chip all fallen branches and coppiced wood. Members of the public can take some sacks or trailers along and help themselves.

    2. See if there is a local branch of freecycle in your area. You can exchange, donate, request items. We've got rid of a two seater couch, some exam past papers, a bookcase and a fridge. We've gained a hatstand, a wheelbarrow and some slabs. It's environmentally friendly and quite addictive!

    3. Grow your own fruit and veg - tastier and satisfying.

    4. Stay at home more [ as in do not go to the shops as often as normal - you'll save a packet]

    5. Try a month without using credit cards. See how you get on. It'll help you resist unneccessary spending. Online shopping is seductive and invariably expensive. Becuase you don't physically see and feel the money leave your account it won't feel like spending. Without credit cards though it's v hard to purchase things.

  7. Bulk cook:

    mashed potato
    tomato pasta sauce (can also add veggies like peppers, courgettes, mushrooms)
    ragù or chilli

    and freeze in portions in old ice cream tubs/margarine tubs/yoghurt pots/freezer bags.

    Make your own veg stock with scraps and peelings and freeze it in ice cube trays.

    If you buy or grow fresh herbs, chop up the excess, pack into ice cube trays, top up with water and freeze - then just pop a cube out and drop it straight into whatever you're cooking. I've found this works really well for sage, parsley, thyme, rosemary and oregano, not tried it on other herbs.

    Bicarb is great for getting surfaces gleaming (esp taps) and a pot of it in the fridge absorbs smells - no need for fancy expensive cleaning products.

    Vinegar descales the kettle a treat, although you have to rinse it well!
  8. Bicarb is also great for getting stains out of clothes (very handy if you have a baby who is being weaned).

    Sprinkle bicarb liberally onto stain, add a few drops of sparkling mineral water. Allow to bubble. Do NOT rub.

    Then wash as normal. The oxygenisation process (for want of a better scientific expression) "lifts" the stain out of the fibres.

    You can also use vinegar to descale a toilet, your taps, your shower head.

    Plus if you add a few drops to your water when washing windows, you get a lovely streak free gleam.

    If you are lazy, and cannot be bothered to wash windows with a bucket of water and generally use window cleaner, replace your window cleaner with a plant spray filled with warm water and vinegar.

    If your windows are very mucky, clean of the surface dirt with an onion. Cut off a layer of onion as soon as it is dirty and repeat as often as necessary.

  9. *off (my f key is sticking).

    To save on dry cleaning costs - many clothes can be washed in a conventional washing machine. Pop them into a duvet cover and wash on gentle cycle.
  10. But won't your home end up smelling like onions and vinegar?

    I prefer artificial pine and lemon scents!
  11. No, there are these things called windows which you can open.
  12. Stop using your god damn credit cards. Pay by cash.
  13. lol @ CQ's bluntness, love it!

    Some excellent tips here I must say, especially about dividing money into four envelopes, I've been doing that recently and works really well :)

    El x
  14. I tried dividing my money into 4 envelopes but since then I have found out that shopkeepers aren't generally willing to accept a quarter of a ten pound note.
  15. The 4 envelopes thing sounds like a good idea :)

  16. Instead of wasting money on BUYING underwear, simply steal it from your neighbour's washing line in the dead of night.
  17. Alternatively, if you have a neighbour like mine you could use the fence instead of wasting your hard earned cash on a washing line.

  18. Don't just eat the aspargus tips......include a little bit of the stalks (not all of it obviously, we are not animals).
    Thank you MM. :¬))
  19. You can use the asparagus peelings to make a delicious soup.

    But I shall spare you all my soup obsession, I can make soup out of almost anything ;OP
  20. And as for asparagus tips - is this a UK thing? We eat ALL of the asparagus in Germany!

    And you only get the green stuff, there is nothing woody about those stalks.

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