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Money making ideas for the summer and general career crisis!

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by dougalsmum, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. dougalsmum

    dougalsmum New commenter


    I'm in a bit of an unfortunate position having just finished a mat cover contract with my school just a week before the hols start. I have another mat contract with them starting in September but will be getting no pay for 8 weeks. Has anyone any ideas for how I can get by? I did try to save up but it was only a six month cover in the end and we had a big prob happen with a project in our house and my cash kind of disappeared! I have a 12 year old at home for the hols as of next week so going to be tough getting through the hols on no money.

    In a more general sense I feel my career is in a bad place. I left the school I am at now 5 years ago for a promotion, I then did two hod jobs at other schools (both academies) and had the terribly bad luck to have experienced bullying in both schools. I am now back at my former school but as i say only on temp contracts. I am really happy there, always was and they are really pleased with me but there's not much prospect of getting a permanent contract back there as a classroom teacher as its in Wales and they have huge funding problems and on ups 3 I would be too expensive. They might consider me if the hod post came up but it's unlikely...the job came up four years ago, only a few months after I had left so unlikely to come up again soon as a permanent post. I don't want to go back to an academy school in England as, well to be honest I'm scared! My last two experiences almost destroyed my mental health and wellbeing and I feel it would be a huge risk for me.

    Any advice on what to do next would be massively appreciated. I can't keep going on temp contracts forever; I need to move on and get some job security.
  2. stupot101

    stupot101 Established commenter

    Hello to Welsh Wales:)

    This thread is old. I don't unfortunately know the current up to date information. It will give you and idea
    Someone has tried to bring it back to life only recently. @jubilee is pretty much the expert on making claims.
    Sorry to hear of you troubles. I can only suggest trying to work with the local councils on the playschemes, or maybe summerschools. If you are near a large city (Cardiff or Swansea) you may find students need to sit 7+ or 11+ exams in September. look up tutoring agencies. They will be in the know.
    Cleaning, dog walking, face painting come to mind. There are probably agencies who will employ you for care work, or cleaners.
    Good luck:)
  3. nernstlaw

    nernstlaw New commenter

    online auction sites? you know the one... could you pick up stuff at boot sales (gives the 12 year old things to do too/have a competition to see who can raise the most?) and sell it. could be fun and could also be lucrative. friends of mine have now quit their day jobs and set up a business on said auction site. they earn a hell of a lot more than i do being a teacher o_O. (they do have a niche market though)

    good luck
  4. Landofla

    Landofla Established commenter

    Sign up to a promotions agency? Just an idea for the summer work.
  5. AnnHen

    AnnHen New commenter

    You can claim JSA, I did it last year. You could also register for work as a temp Nursery Nurse or Nanny. These jobs don't dry up in the Summer. There are specific Agencies for these www.tinies.com is one. I may also be able to help you in my capacity as a Life Coach with 24 years teaching experience. I offer a telephone coaching service and the first session is free. We could basically explore your options by considering the underlying issues plus your motivations and values. I have worked with a number of teachers facing similar issues. I am also happy to advise some more. Please message or email me. Good luck.

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