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Money Investigation - help please

Discussion in 'Primary' started by v3884, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. I am planning a Maths lesson for Year 4 and really like the investigation below (have been searching for hours for something suitable!)- do you think it is OK? -
    I have have abilities from P8 to 4a and want to make sure all children are suitably challenged etc.
    Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can extend it, challenge my HA and G&T and also ideas for suppoting my LA?
    Thank you so much in advance!
    v3884 xx

    Money Investigation

    Auntie Jane has offered four different ways in
    which her nieces could earn their pocket money in the future.

    She will give £100 in Year 1, then every year after
    that it will go down £10 a year.

    She will give £10 in Year 1, then every year after
    that it will go up £20 a year.

    She will give £10 in Year 1, then every year after
    that it will double.

    Option 4: She will give £10 in Year 1, then every year after
    that it will go up by 1.5 times.

    Create a chart to find the totals for 5 years and 8
    years time.

  2. modgepodge

    modgepodge Established commenter

    To me that sounds insanely hard?! I teach Year 1 so am a little out of touch with KS2 at the moment...but I can think of some adults who'd find that quite hard. I think your 4as would probably cope with some of that (as long as they were given plenty of time) but your low abilities will need something far simpler. I've got p8 kids in my class and to be honest the sum "100-10" would be too difficult for them. I suppose you could simplify it using £1 and £10 for example which (i think) would give the same results just 10x smaller.
    It does sound like a fun activity and very beneficial I just think they might find it INCREDIBLY overwhelming.
  3. I agree. I'd give it to my L4 children in Y5 but not to my L3s or below as they're not the best at working independently. I suppose it depends on the amount of adult support though. Mine would all give it a go with a TA but otherwise they'd need more help.
    I would probably lead my lowers to the same sort of problem but I would give them each section of the problem as a question with a definite answer so q.1 might be: If I gave you £100 in Year 1, £90 in Year 2 and £80 in Year 3, how much would I give you in Year 4? How much in Year 5? Year 6? Then I would ask them to calculate how much I would give them altogether. If you did this for each question then it might be more accessible. Anyone below a level 3 might not be able to work with multiples of 10 though and might need to just work with units so £10 in Y1, £9 in Y2 etc.
    Hope this helps and doesn't sound too negative.
  4. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I did something very similar last year with year 6 top set, all of whom were working at level 4b-6c. For year 4 it does sound incredibly ambitious.


    Might be more suitable...
  5. Thank you for your responses! Was desperately trying to think ofideas to challenge my G&T, but think I may have been slightly ambitious! Will keep that idea for another day though!
    Have now changed my LO to using written methods for adding decimals.
    Therefore LA = adding whole numbers/amounts of money - buying items to fill a party bag upto the cost £1
    MA - finding out totals of different foods for the party menu eg. pizza + chips = £3.45 + £0.99 - do am thinking I might use easier amounts maybe 1dp? giving them different options and finding out which is the cheapest menu.
    HA& G&T - they are really confident using column method for addition - not sure how to challenge them - any ideas greatly appreciated!! - want to make it fun, and make them think - have got a few word problems - but then is that a different LO?
    My brain is fried tonight!
  6. Give them a catalogue. Challenge them to buy x items and spend as near as they can to £100. Can they overcome the 99p problem and get exactly £100?

  7. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Are these the children working at p8/1? Seriously? My p8 pair would count me out 30p in pennies and not necessarily get the right number!

    Is this your own class?
  8. No my P8 pupil has got an activity finding pennies which add up to amounts in a purse - no support for this child either so need something she can do independently.
    This is my own class - sorry, not making myself very clear tonight!
    The LA group are 1a-2b, but will have support where required.

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