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MoE/UAE - not worth it? Info pls!

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by tanjidah1, May 10, 2018.

  1. billinziemalcolm

    billinziemalcolm New commenter

    dont do it, you will probably end up breaking your contract and fleeing home. I got a call today from a agency wanting me do to a post for the state schools and i swiftly declined. Ist thing is you thsy you will be better off in a private uk or us international school. My nephew attends a prominent british school and my sister says its just like home. My sister advised me not to apply as I would struggle as parents have very expectations, the kids are entitled and dont want to produce work, they are mostly rude and argumentative but thats the culture. That aside Dubai is a nice place and very cosmo so you would like it. Go for the interview and it will give you experience on what questions they will ask you for a teaching position.

    The job listing I applied for doesn't include accommodation so it would have to come out of the 16,000AED/month salary. If accom was free/gave an allowance, I can understand why people would still be there 3-4 years later but having to pay for it (considering how expensive rent is over there), it just doesn't seem worth it.[/QUOTE]
  2. Hello,

    I was offered a health science graduate job on the 28th june. I was just wondering if anyone could give me any information about how long the process takes to actually get out there. I sent off my signed initial offer around 2 weeks ago now but all in all have been just waiting around for nearly 2 months. Any info would be amazing.

  3. sabamahmud

    sabamahmud New commenter

    Hi Paris,

    I was also offered a health science graduate post in June. I received my final contract a few weeks back, and should be flying out there in the beginning of January. Have you received your final contract?

  4. blue451

    blue451 Lead commenter

    I know that there is an almost infinite number of threads about this MoE recruitment process but this is the first time I have realised it's about putting unqualified teachers into the classroom - I had assumed it was just mass recruitment of trained teachers wanting to get their first overseas posts.
  5. BarryRiley

    BarryRiley New commenter

    I can't imagine any qualified teachers taking up the posts
  6. Mr_Frosty

    Mr_Frosty Established commenter

    My limited undertsnading is that the MoE are recruiting for qualified and unqualifed teachers - Qualified ones get 21,000 AED a month (no housing, no education allowance) and Unqualified teachers get 16,000 AED a month (no housing, no education allowence) but the unqualifed teachers do get provided with training of unknown (to me) length or value.

    Based on adverts I've seen locally and talking to 2 qualifed teachers who took the 21,000 AED jobs when they were first advertised a couple of years ago, I think there is a big push to get more exapt teachers into schools that previously haven't had any but they probably can't recruit enough qualified teachers to fill all the vacancies so they have introduced the Graduate positions.

    There are A LOT of ADEK/MoE expat teachers out there though so it's not like no-one is takign those positions.
  7. johnsonkarickom

    johnsonkarickom New commenter

    In my offer letter sent by moe my department is emi ttp . Is this ttp is something different I wonder about my role in UAE. Pls guide me
  8. sparklesparkle

    sparklesparkle Established commenter

    Posters on this forum can't guide you. You need to ask whoever sent you the letter.

    Wouldn't it occur to you to contact them directly and ask what ttp means?

    P.S. It's really, really easy to guess.
  9. fatimasultan12764

    fatimasultan12764 New commenter

  10. sabahatullah

    sabahatullah New commenter


    My wife has been offered a role under this graduate scheme. Considering there are some posts from last year so I hope there might be someone who can throw some light on pros and cons of this program.
    Whereabout they place the new hires?

    For visit we love Dubai. Not sure if its worth living there considering high rentals and living cost?

  11. najah_duale19

    najah_duale19 New commenter

    Hi Saba,

    I have also been offered a Science Graduate job for Sep 2020. What have you guys seen so far? Do you think it's worth it or just BS? Mind you I'm in the middle of my PGCE in secondary school science and was thinking of doing few years of teaching before I complete my NQT here in the UK. Do you reckon I should opt out or go for it?


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