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MOE UAE Joining Jan 2019

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by sabamahmud, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. sabamahmud

    sabamahmud New commenter

    Hi, I was supposed to be joining the MOE in the UAE on Jan 5th as a Health Science Graduate; however, I have been informed that I will now be joining/ flying out on the 13th of Jan. Is anyone else in the same boat? would be nice to hear from you.
  2. richiejames86

    richiejames86 New commenter

    Hello saba. I have been appointed as a Physics teacher but uptil now i have not received my visa and ticket? Have you reched UAE? How is your experience?
  3. Sullynehmat

    Sullynehmat New commenter

    i had my interview in the 24th nov. i then recieved emails that Im successful and sent across documents to my agency. However since then I have not recieved inital offer and every time I ask for an update they respond with “we have pushed MOE for your initial offer and will update you when we get a reply”. Its been over 2 months and im still waiting.

    Can anyone help I have no idea whats going on ?
  4. prettymabel

    prettymabel New commenter

    I have a Maths interview next week. Please the test questions is it,GCSEs or ALevels type of questions?...Thank you so much
  5. sSalma24

    sSalma24 New commenter

    Anyone waiting fr their final offer letter? I have been waiting since almost 4 weeks. Sent all my documents. Interview was late Jan. Do reply :)
  6. maryamzayad

    maryamzayad New commenter

    I signed the final contract for physics ttp and sent to moe on 1st April. My campaign is E 24 and my agent asked me to write departure date 14 April.
    Can some one help me that how much time it take for the Processing of Visa?
  7. maryamzayad

    maryamzayad New commenter

    Can you please send me your email aur messenger I'd. I want to talk to you regarding moe Visa matter
  8. sSalma24

    sSalma24 New commenter

    Hey how to check which campaign one belongs to?
  9. maryamzayad

    maryamzayad New commenter

    It is written on your contract
  10. Anubinu

    Anubinu New commenter

  11. Anubinu

    Anubinu New commenter

    Hi Saba
    I have applied for health science teacher position in MOE UAE. It’s been 8 months they accepted my application but didn’t call me for interview. That means I am rejected..? But in my MOE account, my application is in the status “ verifying profile and documents.
  12. go4sufy

    go4sufy New commenter

    Is there anyone here who attended interview on may1st in sharjah got the result?
  13. Ayla28

    Ayla28 New commenter

    hi has anyone applied for Health science teacher through moe website and if they have how is teaching the subject in uae.

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