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MOE Teacher Recruitment 2019

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by jcalisasis, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. sancyzacheriyakamal24

    sancyzacheriyakamal24 New commenter

    Anyone got results of MOE interview held on 1st April at Mumbai?
  2. Hi, Ahmad! I have an interview this week for English TTP. Can you share some tips for the written test and interview please? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and would appreciate your help.
  3. sancyzacheriyakamal24

    sancyzacheriyakamal24 New commenter

  4. sancyzacheriyakamal24

    sancyzacheriyakamal24 New commenter

    Also look for sample questions available at MOE site.
  5. go4sufy

    go4sufy New commenter

    Did you apply through agebcy or directly to moe site?
  6. maryamzayad

    maryamzayad New commenter

    hello roston
    [This comment/link/section/image has been removed. Please can you read our
    Community Guidelines/Terms and conditions]
    i also interviewed on 24 nov, 2018 and got selected. iam waitng for the arrival of my visa.
  7. maryamzayad

    maryamzayad New commenter

    hello ronalopsoriano,
    I also interviewed the same day , 24 NOV, 2018 for physics teacher. i signed and and submitted the final contract on april 1, 2019. Can you please tell me how much time it takes for the issuance of visa. Where are you now a days? Do you get your visa details and flight date?Waiting for your response
  8. go4sufy

    go4sufy New commenter

    Is here anyone who got result of moe ttp assessment held on may 1st at sharjah sts?
  9. roston93

    roston93 New commenter

    hello. I think it depends on the mobilisation dates.They will send it over to you a few days before the mobilisation dates.Did they inform you of the possible joining dates?
  10. naughtychuchay

    naughtychuchay New commenter

    Interview in the Philippines is now officially cancelled: (

    Attached Files:

  11. lesley127ann

    lesley127ann New commenter

  12. lesley127ann

    lesley127ann New commenter

  13. lesley127ann

    lesley127ann New commenter

    Can somebody help me with this? I'm filling out a medical form as I'm in the process of applying for a job in the UAE as a teacher. The form asks if I'm on any medication which I am for anxiety. Will this go against me if I declare it? I need all the advice I can get please thank you
  14. rosemaryjose06

    rosemaryjose06 New commenter

    I am applying for the post of chemistry teacher in UAE moe and my CV is screened in. I had recieved a mail to upload the doc after which the documents are in verifying stage from around 3 days . Can anyone tell me how long it takes for this to complete and is IELTS score required to teach chemistry in UAE?
  15. geethafrancis9

    geethafrancis9 New commenter

  16. geethafrancis9

    geethafrancis9 New commenter

  17. rosemaryjose06

    rosemaryjose06 New commenter

    I am through teach and explore agency .let me know if IELTS is required for teaching chemistry at UAE.
  18. Noof111

    Noof111 New commenter

    Hi all, any one from London, had interview by MOE on 2nd August 2019
  19. rosemaryjose06

    rosemaryjose06 New commenter

    Any one from India and is the interview dates freezed for August 2019?
  20. jasiya

    jasiya New commenter


    Anyone got result of MOE interview held for Business Studies on 19th August 2019?

    Can anyone reply who attended it?
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 31, 2019

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