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MOE Teacher Recruitment 2019

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by jcalisasis, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. akbar622

    akbar622 New commenter

    Got an interview for Biology Teacher on Saturday. Fingers Crossed.
  2. shrutisiinha

    shrutisiinha New commenter

    Hello Akbar,

    I have also applied for the bio teacher role directly at MoE website. Could you tell me a timeline of how long did it take for them to get back to you. And any others details? Thank you :)
  3. SRAFIQ0121

    SRAFIQ0121 New commenter

    I had the interview and test for chemistry today. I'm a qualified science teacher.. I haven't looked at a-level chemistry in years but did the best I could in the exam. They did interview me so I must have passed lol
    naughtychuchay likes this.
  4. khaled_sayeed84

    khaled_sayeed84 New commenter

    hi akbar, did u attend the interview, have you applied through agency or Direct MOE.
    i have already attended the interview on 26th jan2019
  5. khaled_sayeed84

    khaled_sayeed84 New commenter

    Hi, did u already attend the interview.
  6. stated95

    stated95 New commenter

    Hey can you tell me how long it takes for them to call for an interview after applying directly on moe? And can we reschedule the interview if we are not able to make it.
  7. jcalisasis

    jcalisasis New commenter

    To all Filipino applicants asking me about the interview dates, I make myself updated with what I read from forums like this. I also get information from my agency coordinator. Another source of information is TeachAway's website which gives information about interview dates in different countries.

    If you're from the Philippines, the dates have been moved many times. The recent dates were March/April 2019 (as of today: February 24, 2019).
    received_246451292898866.jpeg received_246451292898866.jpeg received_246451292898866.jpeg received_246451292898866.jpeg
  8. infana_naa

    infana_naa New commenter

    Hai amyo.. I applied directly to Moe site and still it's in screening..how long its take to get interview call?
  9. infana_naa

    infana_naa New commenter

    When you applied and when you got interview call?
  10. SRAFIQ0121

    SRAFIQ0121 New commenter

    I got the job. Did anyone else hear from the recruiters?
  11. akbar622

    akbar622 New commenter

    Me too buddy. Still got to sort the documents etc wont feel real till I am there.
    SRAFIQ0121 likes this.
  12. SRAFIQ0121

    SRAFIQ0121 New commenter

    Awesome. Congrats. I was on holiday in UAE when I heard. Met one of my teacher friends who has been working for MOE since 2017, she loves it.
  13. babusindhu26

    babusindhu26 New commenter

    Could u please share your written test and interview experience???
  14. Sufi1023

    Sufi1023 New commenter

    can u tell me about micro teaching lesson plan
  15. Sufi1023

    Sufi1023 New commenter

    Could u please share your written test and interview experience???
  16. km_najma

    km_najma New commenter

    Does anyone know if MoE is conducting interview for English teachers in India this month?
  17. edwin0602320

    edwin0602320 New commenter

    I haven't got any reply about contract since agency informed me that I was successfully in interview in 16th DEC 2018. Though I have sent all required document already, it make me wait for more than 2 months yet. would you like to share your waiting time for us? and will MOE refuse us without any explaination.
  18. mqyousef

    mqyousef New commenter

    Where was your interview?
  19. edwin0602320

    edwin0602320 New commenter

  20. SRAFIQ0121

    SRAFIQ0121 New commenter

    Ok so the advert for my job said it was 21k aed a month... get my offer letter last week and it says 16! I'm an experienced qualified teacher and they were offering me same as a new grad... that too without any accomodation. Told them they could stick their job.

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