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MOE Interviews English Graduate - September 2018

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by gorgeous-muna12, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. call2waz

    call2waz New commenter

    I had an interview with UAE MOE dept on December 8th. I took a test which i passed (95%) and then had an interview.

    My interview lasted about 5 minutes or so. They looked at my lesson plan and then asked me some basic questions. Nothing about working in the UAE. I wasn't asked to micro teach too.

    I have 10 years of experience and have taught arab students too.

    I was a little worried too but my recruiter was very confident. I havent received any feedback too.
  2. sparklesparkle

    sparklesparkle Established commenter

    Are you a qualified teacher?

    If so, why on earth are you applying for this scheme?
  3. Tristantempest

    Tristantempest New commenter

    Hi I hope it all goes well. They do take a long time to respond but i am sure they will take you on. to Do you mind telling me what kind of questions were in the test? and what kind of questions did the interviewer ask?
  4. sparklesparkle

    sparklesparkle Established commenter

    If you need to know which questions were asked in a five-minute interview, how on earth will you manage to teach unaided?

    Asking for the test questions for a written exam is commonly known as "cheating". Teachers are expected to be role models. You may wish to reflect on whether this is the job for you.

    Every single post you have written on this forum consists of you asking for the interview questions. There are many, many threads on this scheme and others have posted them. If you don't have the initiative to read the threads yourself, how will you stand on your own two feet abroad?
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2018

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