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Moe interview call

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by stated95, Feb 19, 2019.

  1. stated95

    stated95 New commenter

    Hello to all seniors and experts

    I have applied on moe website directly and want to know that how much time does it take them to call a person for an interview after applying?

    If not selected for an interview will they notify that Sorry you were not selected etc? And if not How much time one should wait and consider no reply as a rejection?
  2. sparklesparkle

    sparklesparkle Established commenter

    What was it about the other 200 threads on this subject that wasn't to your liking?
  3. stated95

    stated95 New commenter

    I searched a few and was not able to find an exact answer to my question that is why I asked hope you can help.
  4. sparklesparkle

    sparklesparkle Established commenter

    I can find the information you're looking for very quickly on this page. You don't even need to use the search facility.

    If you aren't able to do this, are you sure you have the initiative required to live and work abroad? Have you done any research into the many negative reviews this scheme receives?

    If not, you're exactly what they're looking for. No need to worry about being selected, you'll sail through with ease...
    binaryhex and norwichred like this.
  5. stated95

    stated95 New commenter

    I have been a silent member of this forum for quiet some time and I was not able to find an "EXACT" Answer to my question most of the people shares experience of applying through an agency but I am directly applying on MOE website and most tell about what happend with them on the day of the interview and post interview details nobody of whom applied directly on MOE website ever written that after how much time they got the interview email from MOE and what happen if MOE does not consider a particular candidate worth interviewing.

    And as far as negative reviews are concerned all of the threads of people got selected I saw never returned with a review of what is going on with them.

    If you have my answers kindly link them or answer it.

  6. sparklesparkle

    sparklesparkle Established commenter

    Are you sure you have the initiative to survive in a country like the UEA, and a scheme like the one you are applying for?

    How will you manage in a school where there is no support? Are you experienced enough to do this? How will you cope when there is no-one to give you the "EXACT" answer to a very basic question? Wouldn't it occur to you simply to contact the recruiter?
    binaryhex likes this.
  7. stated95

    stated95 New commenter

    Firstly You are no one to decide what will happen to me or Will I survive or not.

    Secondly open forums are there for help If you cant help here then thank you.
    hirakhatri and motorhomer like this.
  8. sparklesparkle

    sparklesparkle Established commenter

    If you think your life might be in danger, wouldn't it be better to stay at home?

    I know what this scheme is like because a friend went there and left very quickly. I am actually doing you a favour by suggesting you shouldn't proceed with your application.
  9. go4sufy

    go4sufy New commenter

    Hi me also applied directly through moe website..not through agency.. my interview was on may1st..waiting for the result.. when was your interview and wat about the results? Please reply
  10. mustafahassan1990_mh

    mustafahassan1990_mh New commenter

    Hi go4sufy,

    I also applied direct at the end of March, I received an email informing me that my CV had been shortlisted and screen IN. But I have not been invited for an interview til now. How long did it take for you to be invited for an interview?
  11. hirakhatri

    hirakhatri New commenter

    An agent applied for me. My status says ‘in screening’. I’m not sure what that means...
  12. MeddlingWizard

    MeddlingWizard New commenter

    Horrendous grammar.
  13. chippyjyothi99

    chippyjyothi99 New commenter

    I too applied directly at the end of March and I received an email informing me that my cv had been screened in. But I have not got any interview call till now. How long did it take for you to be invited for an interview?
    ashsmn and Fiona8318 like this.
  14. Fiona8318

    Fiona8318 New commenter

    Hi Chippy, I recieved an email that I was screened in yesterday. Did you apply through the portal? I have been asked to upload more documents, but there is no data when I enter my location for interview and submission number. Did you have this problem too?

    I know from reading other posts that this waiting period is not uncommon and not to rely on starting in September. Did you get a call for an interview rather than an email?

    Thank you so much for posting your information and helping others figure things out! please can you update on how it goes for you :)
    chippyjyothi99 likes this.
  15. T0nyGT

    T0nyGT Lead commenter

    Does it not concern anyone else that we have endless posts on the application process from people with almost exclusively South Asian names and yet don't hear a peep from anyone once they're actually there?
  16. chippyjyothi99

    chippyjyothi99 New commenter

  17. chippyjyothi99

    chippyjyothi99 New commenter

    No mails received still now. yes, I applied through the MOE website.
    I don't have any problem when I have asked to upload more documents and location for the interview.
  18. Noof111

    Noof111 New commenter

    I have different story. I had interview on 2 of August , on 6August I received email that my application screened IN and asking to upload my documents in MOE portal. Still waiting for the result .
  19. farzinahammed1

    farzinahammed1 New commenter

  20. rabmun

    rabmun New commenter

    Yesterday I got email from moe 'CV screened IN' and now my status is in verification. I selected my Interview location in UAE as I am from Pakistan and there are no local interview centers here and mentioned in the questionaire of moe that I dont have the visit visa. As you know that some people are waiting in verification for 3-4 months so it is almost impossible to get visa beforehand so will they give enough time to me like 2 weeks of notice before interview or will they call like tommorrow is your interview? If they give short notice so what should I do?

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