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Modules Studied During Degree

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Jojosmile, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. When I applied (primary) on GTTR I didnt think they asked, correct me if I'm wrong, however I also applied direct to a University and I had to state a breakdown of what I studied at degree level. You have to show the relevance of your degree to teaching. If you are doing secondary then you have to have between 50 % - 75 % of your teaching subject within your degree, some Universities want 75 % others lower. Hope this helps
  2. I definately had to break down my degree into how many % of my degree each unit/subject was on the GTTR application!
  3. They do ask a breakdown of what you studied. I know some people who only write one thing though, e.g. ENGLISH 100%. I think the purpose is to help the identify gaps in knowledge, for example if you took an English language degree but applying for a PGCE in English, it may look like you studies no engligh literature. This is your opportunity to exhibit what you have studied (e.g. 10% may have been in English Lit, you might have done some other modules from other departments which could strengthen (or weaken) your application)
    My degree was in Zoology and I gave a rough breakdown of modules including Ecology, Paleobiology, Statistics, Ethics, ICT etc which showed that my degree was more then looking at animals!
    I would suggest if your applying for RE you want to do as much RE related modules as possible?
    Hope this helps?

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