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Modules Studied at Degree and Jobs

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by cwright1989, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    Well the key is diversity - keep your options broad and cover as much as possible. Philosophy of Religion is obviously very important but so is a broad covering of different faiths.
  2. Thank you for your response.
    I am trying to cover as many faiths as possible, as that is my own personal interest. I will ensure I have a diverse range of module.
  3. Don't forget to pick things you really love doing too! I chose some political theology/religion and politics modules because of my love for them, not necessarily because they relate to a GCSE syllabus. (Consequently, they do relate to religion and society modules)
  4. ramaduds

    ramaduds New commenter

    Pick those that you'll enjoy moreso than the one's you feel are approppriate. If you can get some study of religions, philosophy and/or ethics, put this is not vital! Your PGCE might be interested, but your job will assume your knowledge is good if you have a degree, and are more concerned with your ability to teach.
    I studied 5 of the '6 major faiths' at a 'more than introduction level'. The one I didn't study was Judaism, of which I now teach teach at GCSE level. You'll find that you learn it quickly when you know your pupils are relying on your knowledge!
    I studied modules that facinated me, Paganism and New Age Spiritualities, Shinto, Zoroastrianism, Eastern Philosophy and African Religions. None of these topics are necessary for teaching, although all (in their own way) have helped my all-round knowledge.
    Good luck! And SO jealous - I want to be back at Uni!!!

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