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Modern Studies/History PGDE 2012/13

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by rolypolywoly, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. I just wanted to start a general thread for all applicants to these subject areas to discuss anything about our apps.
    Does anyone know when we'll get decisions from out first choice institution? If you get knocked back from your first choice is there much chance of getting into your lower preference institutions? Maybe someone can tell us from experience.
  2. I see somebody has an interview for History at Glasgow (which I didn't apply for). Anyone heard back about Modern Studies interviews, History at Edinburgh or joint History/Modern Studies at Aberdeen?
  3. Hey - I've put down Edinburgh History as my first choice and no peep from them yet :(. They can let you know as late as February apparently. Glasgow is my second choice- Good Luck with your application!
  4. I applied for Glasgow as my first choice a few months ago for Modern Studies and yet to hear anything back... Seems everyone is in the same boat! Waiting game!
  5. @sailor1989 History at Edinburgh's my fourth choice. I wish applications were done the same way as UCAS for undergrad courses with all institutions considering you at once. There's almost no opportunity for your 3rd and 4th (or even 2nd) choices to realistically come to anything. Places are almost bound to be filled by 1st choice candidates.
    Be good to know if you hear anything back anyway. Good luck to you too.
  6. @MissHarley90 Good to hear I'm not the only one playing the waiting game.
    I just want to know my first choice institution's decision a.s.a.p. so I can release my application to my next choice if necessary. I had an issue in a previous application cycle where the univerity had first of all essentially told me informally I was likely to get a place, realised they'd made a mistake on a technicality and then 'forgot' to officially reject my application. By the time I had clarity on all of this, by contacting the uni directly, it was too late for my application to be passed to any of my other choices.
  7. Hi there
    Does anyone have any news? I've applied for PGDE history at Edinburgh and not heard anything yet :(
  8. hey i'm the same as you mich22, history at edinburgh first choice but no news yet...
  9. Hey sailor1989. I was thinking of calling Edinburgh to see if there is any news of when we should expect to hear? I applied last year , although my degree was still pending as I was in 3rd year, and didn't get my 'no' until the first week in February. People who had interviews heard the week before by email though.
  10. I've not heard anything either :( Mine says stop too, although I knew from last year that was just to give them more time. Have you heard of anyone who has an interview? x
  11. Everyone I know has stop. I just keep checking! Is this your second time applying? This is my first time - final year undergrad now.

  12. Hi
    I have an interview for Glasgow subject history.
    Has anyone else got an interview for this course?
  13. @sailor1989 yeah its my second time. I'm final year undergrad too this year. Last year was just a shot in the dark lol. This year I was hoping for an interview at least but never mind. Other than get even more experience, there's really nothing different that I can do to be honest. :(
    Do you guys all have a lot of experience in schools? X
  14. Hi mich22
    no its in glasgow?? did u apply to glasgow r edinburgh?? :)
  15. Hi it was Edinburgh I applied for. Good luck with your interview :)
  16. Hey I have an interview at Moray House for the 8th! Anyone else heard?
  17. @sailor1989 well done! I haven't heard anything yet, defo won't be there on the 8th but maybe I'll be at the next one. Guessing its bad news again for me though. Good luck with the interview :) x
  18. I've got an interview for Modern Studies @ Strathy on Feb 22nd. Got the email today. I had emailed them last night to ask when I might hear back so don't know if that generated the response or if it was due anyway.
  19. I have mine on the 9th of Feb!!!!

    Is it the morning or afternoon and what subject??
  20. Hello! Just seen your message. Do you have an interview date yet? Mine is 2nd of march at Glasgow for modern studies. Does anyone else have an interview for that/another date for Glasgow?

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