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Moderator marking in Edexcel GCSE

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by aoconnor334, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. aoconnor334

    aoconnor334 New commenter

    I am extremely disappointed in the standard of marking this year for units one and two and was wondering what others thought of their moderator marks.

    I have been using the same units 1 and 2 examinations for the past four years and have never had my grades dropped. All moderator feedback has been exceptionally good stating that all pupils have the opportunity to access the work and that my marking is, in their opinion, fair and in line with the specification and marking policy.......NOT THIS YEAR THOUGH.

    My moderator feedback was exceptionally negative and contradicted what previous examiners have stated regarding assessment and marking and all students grades were dropped. I am incredibly angry and upset, firstly for the pupils and secondly for myself (selfishly, but I can't help taking it personally that I have let the students down)

    How have others found the marking this year? Do you think it worthwhile contacting Edexcel to state my issues?

    (Sorry if this seems like a moan)
  2. SGA


    Hiya - Yep if you look at the other posts on here, a lot of people have experienced the same. I directly compared my coursework with the marks given by the moderator last year so they would be accurate (I lined them all up on the floor and compared like with like) and yet the top end this year have had seven marks taken off practical and four off coursework! A friend of mine in a different school has experienced the same where everyone has inexplicably failed. Then there is another friend who got 100% A*-C with ridiculous amounts of A* grades. Then there is another colleague where one half of the class got A* and the other half 'E' grades and she can't figure out why. Most of my students have received 'E' grades and yet they are directly comparably to videos I have of students who achieved A*/A and B grades. I looked back at the videos last night just to see whether I was going mad and was surprised by just how high the quality was. On my moderator's report I had really odd comments that the work was 'unstructured' and should have been teacher led, yet when I watch back I am questioning them and can hear them consistently discussing the meaning created in their work. At one point, I even get each pupil to feed back what they have been doing, how they have structured their work and the meaning created. Now call me old fashioned but I thought the point of an exam was to guide the students to do the work themselves and demonstrate their capabilities. I'm going to appeal everything and take it as high as it can go.
  3. I have had exactly the same experience this year - my Unit 1 and 2 grades have been dropped by at least one grade, possibly more. I submitted work using the same schemes of work I've used for three years with no criticism and the moderator has said things like ... the record of work didn't detail the work done by students, insufficient evidence of how the practical work developed their understanding of the play, and insufficient breadth and development......I could go on. I was outraged - note to self - don't check exam results while away on holiday...I'm going to challenge it but it could be expensive. Rather depends on whether my generally supportive school deems it worth it I guess. I left Edexcel A level about 4 years ago because of their lack of clarity and excessive demands of the teacher and I think this might just lead me away from their GCSE but which board to go to next....?
  4. Same problem with me too. Crazy.

    I thought at first we had been clobbered by the visiting examiner, but looked at results plus and am absolutely shocked to pieces at Unit 1 and 2 grades. 1 student got 98% for Unit 3...roughly what I had given her for her practicals in Unit 1 & 2. I realise that it is a totally different marking criteria... but she was marked down to 55%! Common sense to me would suggest that this is absolutely ridiculous!
  5. Same here. Top students have had my marks dropped by 20-30! Top girl got 6A* 5A and 1 C in Drama when i'd predicted her an A. Devastated. Gutted for the students who i felt were some f my best yet and mortified for me. Last year feedback was i was slightly mean in my marking! Feedback this year is students are not committed or focused in dvd. It is a mixed ability poverty area full of characters who i feel explore the drama with passion and enthusiasm. They may not be perfect grammar school clones but they work bloody hard. I just dont understand it. I moderate for edexcel AS and we get told you cant alter practical marks as it is only 1 hour of a large amount of time. Can they not afford the same level of trust for gcse? Cried in head's office. Not sure he believes me when i say i have done nothingdifferent this year. Getting everything remarked. Is there anything else we can do?
  6. Tinyfairy

    Tinyfairy New commenter

    Same here, all my students went down by 9 or 10 marks on each unit meaning their overall grade went down! I'm furious as I have done it since the start of the spec with no problems and have been a moderator myself for two years. Also my A level marks were all either kept the same or taken up with the moderators reports being very positive. I taught aspects of the A level for the first time this year but have been teaching GCSE since the start of the new spec. How can I have got A level right and GCSE so wrong? Does anyone else think we should all lodge a formal complaint to Edexcel? They may take notice if there are a group of us?
  7. SGA


    Yes I think we should. Let's message each other when we get back to school. I really cannot accept this.
  8. Excellent idea - count me in.
  9. Me Too!! Unit 1 & 2 marked down by at least a grade.
  10. Hi I have been reading all the comments on here.

    My results were really low.

    I was expecting A-C - 93%

    But got wait for it...46%

    I didn't run the course over the two years but picked up after Easter when another teacher left! i literally had to cram in the Live Theatre Review and Unit 3 but the students had already done their coursework for Unit 1 and Unit 2 and they were all looking good. There are 2 students that I am really saddened for...both were on to get a B and they both got D!!

    One of the students should have at least got a C in her practical and the visiting moderator marked her a E!! She was NO WAY AN E.

    The other student got a B for his practical and then D for Unit 1 and Unit 2...Again he was a C for these units.

    I don't know what to do as offically they were not my group but I am shocked as they all worked so hard.

    If you remark do they bring all the other candidates marks down?

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    Posted 28-8-2013 17:15
  11. Exactly the same thing happened to me! Lodging a complaint is a great idea - I'm in. Back to school tomorrow and will have a discussion with the Deputy and the Exams officer about what else we can do.
  12. I doubt writing a complaint letter will get you very far.

    If you really feel that the results are wrong, your school needs to stump up the cash for a re-moderation of U1 and 2 and a re-mark of U3. The report you get back from a re-moderation of U1 and 2 is very detailed and will flag up everything in the materials submitted by the centre. We had a U2 review two years ago and the report went into detail about the record of work and where it was letting students down and then the report on the DVD was equally detailed - we were generous and after adjusting our thinking and marking the following year (last year) we were right and this year our marks are exactly as predicted.
  13. Clearly it will be essential to appeal the results Am I right in thinking that it would be most cost effective to go for either U1 or 2 first, wait for the result, and then decide whether to go for the other unit? (I don't have a particular problem with the U3s). The reason I am so angry at this year's moderation is that I have used the same schemes of work for three years without any criticism and have worked hard to take into account changes to the specification. Suddenly, it is inappropriate for this assessment. Nothing has changed much except the moderator. And just in case anyone was wondering, I have taught GCSE and A level Drama for rather more years than I care to count and am a very experienced and generally successful teacher!
  14. hes


    We are in exactly the same as above - previously been told U2 was a 'pleasure to moderate' - this year it lacked the challenge necessary to support top level marks. U3 very fair marks, almost 100%A*-C; U1&U2 marked down = overall 62%.

    I have not heard of anyone paying for re-marks and getting adjusted upward?

    ArthurDent - do you remember how much it costs? Does this usually get paid for out of the department or the school budget? Do you send the same video or can you support your marks by sending all six hours?

    Thanks everyone - dreading facing the music at school tomorrow!
  15. Alf58

    Alf58 Established commenter

    We had some of our performance exam candidates remarked because we felt their marks too low. We did this in 2011 and 2012. In both years the marks were returned very quickly with virtually no change. The odd candidate had their marks increased slightly but not enough to go beyond the grade boundary. The bulk of the marks were not changed. The only feedback you get is a three line standardised reply.

    I would contend remarking the performance paper is a massive rip off. I understand why drama teachers do it: with SLT breathing down our neck, we want to be seen to be leaving no stone unturned to change poor exam results. I have no experience of remoderating the written coursework but I would advise anyone to think very carefully before you waste your capitation appealing the performance marks.
  16. Money needs to come from the school as it's expensive as it's a whole unit that you are appealing. You send exactly the same material that you originally sent. They won't look at anything else. Remember, U1 and 2 are units that you marked and have been moderated, so an EAR is about enquiring whether the moderation was accurate. If moderation is accurate, you got the marks wrong. If moderation was inaccurate, marks will be adjusted back up to where the EAR moderator says they should have been. With a moderated unit, marks can not be moderated down as it affects the whole of your cohort and not just the sample that was sent. Also worth remembering that EAR re-moderation is done only by the senior members of the assessment team - people with years of experience.
  17. Thanks, ArthurDent, that's what I thought. As a matter of interest, do you happen to know how often U1 and 2 marks are altered in such cases? Frequently? Sometimes? Almost never...? And will the senior moderators accept further evidence to back up your appeal eg moderator reports from recent years? Your advice is much appreciated.
  18. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

    But unfortunately some schools will insist that it comes out of your departmental capitation, which could in fact wipe it out for the year.

    Your school should have a policy on this.
  19. When we used the service, our marks had been adjusted down by 4 (on average) and we got two of the four back. Yes, our marking was generous but not as generous as the original moderator had indicated. It gave us a couple more Cs.

    I guess that 'sometimes' is the answer, jcatz. As a moderator, my experience is that most mods are accurate and apply the standard set at the moderation meeting - that's the feeling I get from the meeting but I don't know the detail about EARs or anything else about mod performance. (And if I did, I wouldn't be able to divulge it.)
  20. I have just seen this post after crawling though the internet to see what I had done wrong. Like all of you I had used the same ROW for a few years and had no issues. I have been told in previous years that I had marked inline with the national standards. Then bam my marks this year have been dropped by 2 grades. This was my strongest but they gained the worst marks. I moderated against previous years and against examples from edexcel. In the report like so many of you it heavily criticised both the practical and the written units. I am in total shock and now have to write a lengthy report into the reason the grades are so low. I have to say reading what you have written makes me feel slightly better as it does show I am not alone and that Edexcel have done it again. I am now strongly looking at the Welsh board as I dont think its worth staying with them.

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