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Moblity following a C section

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by daisyhorse, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Hi, my daughter had an emergency C section on Wednesday and came home on Friday. She has been resting and moving around slowly. On Sunday she tried to get out of bed but couldn't put her weight on the floor. While in bed she could actually move her legs, she is not in pain (although slight pain in her hips), but says her legs feel 'heavy'. We managed to get her downstairs and to A&E where they did tests for reflex, checked the area where the epidural was inserted, made sure there was no infection. They could find nothing wrong and couldn't understand what was causing the problem and sent her home. She has to hold on to something/someone to 'walk'. If you can imagine someone using a zimmer frame then this is how she's moving. The midwife visited today and said she should have gone back to the maternity unit not A&E. If things don't improve I'm going to take her back to the hospital. Has this happened to anyone as understanderably we are concerned.
  2. Hi. Congratulations to you and your daughter. I've no personal experience of C sections so don't know how it is 'supposed' to feel, but everyone I know who has had one stayed in hospital for longer than 2 days - I'm fairly sure it was more like 4-5 days. It seems very quick to be discharged 2 days after major abdominal surgery. Friends also said they were surprised that the recovery was actually easier than they expected once they were home. If I were you I'd want someone to check her over and at least reassure you that it is normal to be bedridden at this stage - maybe it is - as I say, many people would still be in hospital now.
  3. kittenjames

    kittenjames New commenter

    hi, had an emergency c in january and stayed in hospital for 2 nights but was offered longer (in hindsight, i wish i'd stayed). i had complications including severe blood loss, a problem with the epidural and severe odeama (sp). my mobility was awful for a long time. i remember trying to go for a walk after a week and held the buggy like a zimmer frame too! i took teeny tiny steps and could only manage ten minutes.
    is your daughter wearing surgical stockings and managing to do things like twirl her ankles slowly? i would say this is important to keep her circulation moving. if things don't improve, you must call the delivery suite. i had an excruciating and constant pain in my head which was largely ignored and put down to hormones etc. after a week, one sharp midwife realised it was a rare and dangerous problem with the epidural and i went straight back to the delivery suite (by the way this was completely unrelated to the mobility issue, just saying that delivery suite is your port of call rather than a&e!).
    so, some problems with mobility are completely normal and it took me a VERY long time to be 'right', but keep on at midwife if you feel things aren't quite right. do let us know how she gets on.
  4. I had an emergency C-section and was only in hospital for 2 days - (Sunday morning - op and then went home on the Tuesday.) My legs were back to normal by Sunday afternoon - I was out of bed and walking around by the Sunday evening and didn't have any of the heaviness that you describe. I would certainly get someone else to check her over either in maternity or A&E again if she's still like it now. If you're not happy with the response, see if you can get a doctor to call one of the anethestists (Sp?) for a second opinion - they will know more about side effects of spinal blocks and what is normal and what isn't rather than the average junior doctor/registrar in A&E or midwife.
  5. Keep taking her back if you were worried. it amazes me how the medical profession seem to expect women with emergency c sections to bounce off their beds and into a car home asap. My emerg c section was done brilliantly in my opinion, the scar looked brilliant straight away, however I was in a lot of pain for a month.
    Every night the midwives tried to discharge me and every night for 4 nights i cried and begged them not to discharge me as I was in so much pain i really felt I couldn't walk to the toilet unless I was dosed to the eyeballs. my situation was odd in that my baby was in the NICU in a strange city for me for a month so I was being discharged to a bedsit! However the fact remains I was in a lot of pain- felt I'd been kicked in the bladder is the best way to describe it and like kittenmittens I stooped for ages.
    I took maximum dose of voltarol, combined with everything else i was allowed eg ibuprofen/parac and a homeopathic doctor prescribed me bellis perennis for abdominal bruising which i believed helped me a lot.
    The best of luck to your daughter and to you. If she is like me she will feel very different in a month but it just doesn't happen overnight and I really did dose myself up religiously, keeping a timetable of drugs helped so i didn't get confused when i was sleep deprived .
  6. kittenjames

    kittenjames New commenter

    oh you've just taken me back! i remember doing exactly this. i had about 5 different drugs to take for all the various things and had to take them all at different times, including the lovely injection in the stomach. ouchy.
  7. Kittenjames, sorry muddled you with kittenmittens (although she's lovely, she's not you!). Oh the joyous injections in the tum- I swear they hurt more every day. They were totally hideous, made me sweat!. Why?! I had to go back to hospital everyday after discharge so they could give it to me! Yuk!
  8. Thank you all for your posts. Daughter is getting about a bit better but her legs still don't 'feel right'. We were really worried as when she went to the loo she had no sensation of passing water at all and only knew she was having a wee as she heard it splashing in the toilet!
    I do think that new mothers are discharged too soon from hospital especially after a c section. I also can't believe that the midwife doesn't visit each day as they did years ago. I had a hysterectomy about 6 years ago so know how long it takes to start to feel better. If we don't begin to see a real improvement in the sensation (or lack of) in her legs then we will definitely go back to the maternity unit. Thanks again.
  9. Hi,

    Just to let you know y experience. I have a disability anyway so my back, pelvis, hips etc are out of alignment. Due to that I had a planned CS as it was decided I couldn't fit a baby through my pelvis naturally.
    When giving my spinal block, the anaesthetist had to try 5 different verterbral spaces to get the right nerve bundle. In doing so, I had nerve damage which I didn't notice until after I got home and tried to get about a bit. This was a mixture of numbness, exactly as you describe for your daughter, and severe sciatic pain when I moved the wrong way.
    The numbness went after about a month but the sciatic pain stayed for a year, it has only just gone completely and little one is now 2. There is not much that can be done for nerve damage.
  10. kittenjames

    kittenjames New commenter

    whaaaaat?! i had to give them to myself! i think they're to stop DVTs, but to be honest i was so out of it i can't really remember!
  11. I had those injections every day for all the time I was in hosp. I persuaded them to give the injection in my thigh- painful but psychologically better than the tum. I was using a Zimmer frame before and after my c section so my experience was a little different. Hope your daughter feels much better soon. And if not, make a fuss until they do something about it.
  12. I had a planned C-Section so a bit different but I was really lucky to be visited every other day by a midwife or HV who did injections when they came and I gave them to myself on the other days. I would say that numb legs and the limited mobility you describe is not normal. As mine was all booked in it was fairly calm and straight forward so I was prob lucky in the amount of mobility I had. I was home within 48 hours and moving around without any real problems after 24 hours. I had numbness in my stomach, and large parts of it I still have no feeling in, but my legs were not a problem. I was prob going for walks of half an hour or more after about 3 weeks.
    I hope your daughter gets the attention she deserves x

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