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Mobile Phone shops = a rant

Discussion in 'Personal' started by grandelf, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    Having seen my mobile phone break this week, and living in a delusional world where faulty goods are exchanged or replaced, I thought I would pop into the shop to sort it out.


    In short the phone is only 3 months old, but is refusing to hold its charge, so will go from 98% fully charged at 10pm to on 6% charge at 7.10am. I have all the wifi/auto updates/roaming etc turned off anyway. (PAYG so don't need or watch the extra expense.)

    Goes into the shop to be told they can only send it away, and leave me with no phone for 10 days. They will not exchange it unless they have repaired it several times, and even then it is a 'maybe'.

    After spending 40 minutes in the phonesnotforU shop, used both the sale of goods/service and various other consumer legislation to be told that the only thing they will do is sent it away. Although the manager has offered to 'rent' me his own phone while mine is away (£20 deposit) but that wouldn't be able to be done till Monday as someone else already has it! He even phoned head office...same lines from them.

    He cant just swap the battery as the X8 has been 'recalled' and taken off sale. But he would phone me back in a hour, which he never did but thats a different point.

    Comes home and rings up their 'lack of' customer service, after another 15 minutes or so, comes to a compromise which I didn't understand, but when through it with the lady on the phone several times. I could go in store, pick a phone, they would discount it so I get it for free, and then send my phone away. I explained that I cannot use the £12 phones they sell due to being away this weekend and needing the GPS and several APPS. (one of the reasons I got the X8 in the 1st place). SO she says fine, pick on for about the £60 range and they will sort it. I also asked for an email from them to confirm this deal as it was too good to be true, however my inbox is still empty!

    Goes back into store to be told they will discount the 'air time' off a cheep £12 phone and give me that for free!

    To cut out another long story the manager checked some other Sony phones and found me a battery that fits (he didn't have any that morning, nor had they been delivered).

    So in short I'm still left with a phone that might not work, no way of charing it up over the weekend while I am away, and even if I do want to send it off to be fixed, I will still have to go through this faffing about all over again even with a reference number!

  2. I have found phoning trading standards whilst in the shop and having them speak directly to the manager helps.
  3. Dont buy from Carphone Warehouse either as their after sales is equally as bad.
  4. Lol Sash I'd love to hear that story!
    Elf - phones4u are the worst. Sounds like you did all the right things insisting on getting a phone. Personally I would tell them you won't be carrying on with their services because of this. And it is the sad truth that they just don't care about PAYG customers.
  5. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    I almost bought my first ever mobile phone from Carphonewarehouse. I told the salesman I was thinking of buying one from elsewhere. The manager was listening and asked if I knew about some particular feature of the deal, I said I didn't and he made a pretend phone-call to the other shop about the issue and then announced that their deal was better.
    I didn't buy it as it seemed a bit fishy to me, so I went back and checked.
    What kind of a slesman will make a fake phone call to another shop in front of you? I've always considered them liars since that day - look at the number of mobile shops there are around and how many people are standing in them waiting for customers, they clearly make loads of profit to be able to support so many premises and semi-idle staff.
  6. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    I'm not sure about slesmen ([​IMG]), but a good salesman, desperate for his bonus will try any ole sh!te to get the sale. I'm not advocating this, btw, but the sales techniques of today remind me of the old magic tricks involving a sleight of hand, except now they employ a 'sleight of verbiage'.
    The hard sell techniques and machievellian tricks employed to hide the true cost to the customer are quite disgusting and anyone can fall prey to them. We are regularly having to pluck Mr Ks mother from the jaws of 'poverty by sales technique'.
  7. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    I've had the same experience with O2 and Tesco (they don't offer a replacement) hence why I have an old phone I've never 'recycled' just in case.(Maybe look at this? http://phone-shop.tesco.com/mobile-phones-and-sim-cards/pay-as-you-go-phones/SIM-FREE-Samsung-E1080-212-5470)
    Tesco did get it back in 4 days though...
    Its rubbish but seems to be the norm unfortunately. They will only offer repairs after the first 28 days too. I think it needs to be repaired 3 times before it is deemed unfit for purpose. x
  8. Yes, sadly this has been my experience too. But it is the same with everything. If you get a warranty repair on a washine machine, for instance, they don't bring you a new one to use while you wait for the repair to happen, do they? Also when I had a TV break that was under warranty from Argos - we had to wait a few days for them to collect it then another week or 2 for the repair, with no TV. Our new oven went under warranty, same thing. No oven till they could fix it.
    In fact I can't think of anything where they will give you an equivalent one on loan while you wait for a warranty repair, except maybe a car?
    The thing is to make sure you have an old phone lying around that you can use (and I guess being pay as you go you maybe have not because you've not been getting regular phone upgrades like you would on a contract)(my kids could find you a spare phone to use in any colour of your choice!) - and unfortunately do without the special features this weekend.
    They're perfectly within the law. The warranty says they must repair it for free, not give you uninterrupted use of the new phone throughout. Maybe get insurance next time!
  9. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    Sorry been out in the sticks for a few days so didn't get back.
    Still wouldn't get me a phone there and then, I asked about this and all the other options that might happen, same thing would be done ie the phone is sent off to be fixed.

    *touch wood* since the battery pack as been change on Thursday it seems to be working fine again.

    still think they are scummy and will be considering taking my business else where next time.
  10. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    I understand what rustybug is saying but I do agree with the OP, especially if you're on contract and therefore paying for a 'service' I think there should be a loan phone given or a deduction made on the contract. X

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