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Mobile phone safety lessons - free from home office and MICAF

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by InnerQuest, Nov 24, 2010.

  2. Guess what! My daughter texted me from school, someone walked into the boys changing rooms at school and stole 15 mobile phones! Talk about a coincedence. I will be sending the letter to them at once!
  3. Looks like the MICAF site has been updated and has new resources and a competion.

    The site has KS2, and 4 resources for ICT, Drama, English.
    PSHME and others plus a fun primary and secondary competition for their
    2012 campaign!

    The task is to design a slogan and simple logo to raise awareness of
    crime risks, winners will receive cash prizes for their school and
    vouchers for themselves.

    All information you need to enter - including terms and conditions and support resources can be found on the competition page. Closing date 31st January

    The ‘Out Of Your Hands‘
    site has been set up to educate young people about responsible mobile
    usage, prompting them to consider the impact of mobile phone crime. This
    can be done through a range of PSHE, Citizenship, Literacy and ICT
    curricula linked resources that are available to download from the
    teacher’s area of their site. Also videos.

    Click here to access free resources for teachers
  4. A reminder to colleagues, that this competition ends on 31 January 2012. The first prize is £400 with a second and first prize. There is still time to enter!

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