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Mnemonics used in your English lessons

Discussion in 'English' started by rach166, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Stealthteaching

    Stealthteaching New commenter

    We use WRITER for unseen poetry, and have branched it out to all poetry and even Shakespeare analysis:
    Who/what is it about?
    Rhythm, rhyme and structure
    Response (personal)

  2. My favourite mnemonics are:
    • Essay Structure - <u>P.E.A.L</u> = Point/Evidence/Analysis/Link
    • Active Listening To Speeches - <u>A</u> <u>P.I.C.A </u> <u>P.I.E = </u><font face="Calibri">Attention, Purpose/Point, Information, Context, Audience, Place, Interest, Evidence</font>
    • Persuasion - <u>F.A.T</u> <u>H.O.R.S.E</u> = Facts/Alliteration /Triples Humour/Opinions/Repetition (and restate) /Symbols (and Statistics) Evidence
    • Looking at an Avertisment - <u>A.I.D.A</u> = Attention, Interest, Desire/Demand, Attainment
  3. How about SISIPIMO?
    See it, Say it, Prove it, Move On - good advice from an examiner as to keep to time under controlled or exam conditions.
    I got it to stick in the students' heads by setting to the Spice Girls' track - perhaps a bit dated now!
  4. Hi,
    We use:
    F.A.P.T. (Format Audience Purpose Tone)
    P.O.E.T.I.C. (Purpose Organisation Emotive tone Techniques Individual response Compare)
    Q.R.E.P.P.A.S. (Quotes Rhetorical questions Emotive tone Paragraphs Punctuation Anecdotes Sentence structure) - known as Queens Ride Elephants Past Palaces And Shops.
    All are useful for analysis the QREPPAS one is particularly useful for creative writing...
  5. My all time fave is FAt HORSE for persuasive writing

    rhetorical Qs
    emotive language
    Kids always appreciate my beautiful fat horse drawing on the board!

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