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MMU pgce

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Alec2005, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. Quite normal. Many unis send out a big Easter mailing with pre-course info, CRB and health checks, bursary, fees and reading list etc.You will still have nearly 6 months to get sorted before you start.
  2. Congratulations on getting a place!
    I have an interview with MMU coming up, how did yours pan out? Any hints and tips? I'll let you know how things come along in the next few weeks!

    Cheers [​IMG]
  3. I've just received an 'unconditional offer' from MMU. So pleased that the wait is over now! i can relax! Ive replied to the decision on GTTR, but had nothing yet from MMU directly.
  4. I've also just had an unconditional offer from MMU for the Primary PGCE. I had a phone call from them and was told they would send the info pack in due course. I'm so pleased that I've been accepted. Would be nice to hear from other people who will be doing the course in Didsbury!
  5. <font size="2">I've had an unconditional offer too. I'm so excited! [​IMG] I had my interview on the 20th January and we were told that there were only 12 places left with four lots of interviews still to do!!!</font><font size="2">What' everyone doing until September?</font> <font size="2">Katie </font>

  6. I have also been offered a place on the MFL specialism at MMU. My interview was on the 8th Jan so if anyone else was there on that day that has also been offered a place it would be great to know. Now have 5 long months until I can hand my notice in on my current job (in marketing)!!! I'm sure it's going to drag - roll on September!
  7. I was also at the interview on the 20th. I was really concerned that I wouldn't get a place especially after we were told that there was only 12 places left, I'm so pleased! I'm still continuing with my youth work job until September...got so much to plan though, including finding somewhere to live to do the course.
  8. Hey
    I also had my interview for the primary PGCE at MMU in November and got accepted a week later. I was also worried that I hadn't received anything about the course, but like you said, I think we will receive the information when all the places have been filled.
    You looking forward to the course?

  9. Yeh I'm really looking forward to the course!
    Working as a TA at the moment which is brilliant for all the support and advice etc that I'm getting but I also just want to get started with the PGCE now!
    Very excited!
  10. Me too! Will be great to get started and finally be on the way to achieving my dream! :)
    Will be good to catch up with everyone! :)
  11. Great to hear everyone has done well with their interviews - are there any tips you guys can give me (and others), who have yet to have their interviews?! I'm sure things will be very competitive with so few places left and a lot of applicants still to be interviewed!
  13. Bobitty,
    Yes I have an interview soon, just waiting on my second reference to get back to me so I can send that off and get dates confirmed. I'm also nervous as those on this thread say there are only 12 places left. I could work very hard over the next few weeks, impress in my interview, and still not get a place!
    Would be great to hear everybodies thoughts on the MMU interviews, and gain from their experiences.
    Best of luck to everyone!
  14. I heard on Monday that I've got a place at Didsbury, too, on the Early Years PGCE. YAY!
    I had my interview on the 20th January and I was getting really worried that no news wasn't good news, so to speak. I think I deafened everyone within a mile radius when I read that my GTTR status had changed. I've wanted to do this for so long and after the initial euphoria of getting the news, I went a bit numb and then started to panic. Am I ready for the onslaught of work that's heading our way come September? Exactly how much finacial support can I get? Will my little old car hold up to the 60 mile round journey each day to uni and back? Questions, questions that will no doubt, get answered in good time.
    Congratualtions everyone. I can't wait to get started now and get my teeth in to it.
    Right, onwards and upwards. Student finance to tackle now [​IMG]
  15. Hi everyone. I presume we have to wait to get all the info through from MMU before we can apply for student finance? Does anyone know the process?
  16. I think, Amymadrid that we can get a bursury from the university which we have to apply for when we enroll on our first day and according to the TDA website, MMU will walk us through the application process and then MMU will pay us the bursury, over the year of our course. However, I think we can be getting on with the other finance applications such as student loans and maintanace money and the like. But don't quote me on it. LOL.
    I thought the early bid catches the worm and went over to the Student Finanace England website to start my application, after I posted a few hours ago. I've already had to phone the helpline twice today. Grrrr!
    I tried to register as a new user but the website said I was already registered. Any-hoo to cut a long story short, The Student Loans comapny had transfered my details over to Student Finance England, so technically I was a registered user but as I myself hadn't ever logged in to the SFE website none of the secret questions, passwords or even my e-mail address had been registered. A kind of 1/2 registered state!

    I've just logged off of the SFE website, as question one is have you lived in the UK for the past 3 years? I went on a working holiday for a year to Australia 2 years ago. I don't think that counts but I wanted to have a look on the student finance forum, on here to double check. I wouldn't want to make a false dclaration but I have a feeling that this question is linked to determining whether I am a 'home student'.
  17. The whole day was relaxed and everyone was really friendly. I found that the day went really quickly, and there was no hanging around waiting, leaving no time to get more and more nervous!
    Try not to worry about the places left. If it makes you feel any better, after the group discussion we were told that they might be upping the places on the Crewe campus in time for 2010 entry. My interview was at Didsbury and we were asked if we would be willing to travel to Crewe if we couldn't be guaranteed a place at Didsbury.

    Good luck to everyone who have interviews coming up, and congrats to everyone who got a place-I'll see you in September- can't wait!!!!! [​IMG]

  18. Hi Katie,
    Cheers for the reply. Just wondering, what issues did you read up on prior to going? I was going to focus on inclusion, differentation, ECM, National Curriculum reform, Rose report on phonics, SATS, SEAL, APP, safeguarding etc but then also just have a think over some things about the healthy schools iniative, the childrens plan, new MA in teaching and learning etc. Is that the kinda thing you did? I'm panicing now haha :)
    Well done on getting on :) and thanks for the info about it being relaxed!
  19. I read up on all of the above and didn't get to make mention of most of it but I know what you're saying. Its good to have the knowledge, so that you can refer to it, if need be. I would suggest that most of what I read up on came into play during the group disscusion - very informal and the bit I enjoyed the most out of the whole day.
    The one thing that one of the interviewers couldn't emphasise enough was the need for us to refer to our experience in schools. So when you talk about inclusion or differentation, show that you have a knowledge of its implications but also refer to how you saw it in action at your school placement. Did it work in practice? Or did you feel that it was too hard to impliment in to everyday school life? Why?
    I was really nervous before my interview day but I tried to remember that they're not looking for a fully formed teacher to walk through the door, otherwise what's the point in doing the course? I think what they were looking for was a person who has the potential to make a great teacher. So they don't expect you to know The Rose Report inside out, they just want to see that you have an awareness of it and its implications on teaching.
    And remember, if they ask you about something you haven't read up on then admit it and say its something you anticipate looking in to further, should you get on to the course.

    I can also back up what someone else said (sorry I can't see who it was, now) about expanding the course at the Crewe campus. We were told that to and were asked if any of us would be willing to travel to Crewe, if it meant getting on the course. I would actually prefer Crewe as I live in Newcastle Under Lyme but they don't do the Early Years Specialism there. Sods law!
    Really good luck with the interview and let us know how you get on.
  20. <font size="2">Bobitty,</font><font size="2">What you have researched sounds like it will equip you well for whatever is thrown your way!</font><font size="2">I agree with the last post; it is all about potential, they don't expect you to know everything. The group discussion is where all what you have researched will come into play. </font><font size="2">You will find that it will all come very naturally; it was also my favourite part of the day (and it was the part I was sooo nervous about). I could have stayed talking for hours with my other group members.</font>Let me know how you get on.

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