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Mixed year 2/3

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by richard12345, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I am an NQT, coming to the end (providing I pass of course!) of my NQT year. It has been a huge learning curve this year and I am really now starting to feel settled and enjoying the job. However, due to the intake in school, my class will be a split year 2/3 as of September. I just wondered how other people have planned for this split key stage teaching? I am mostly concerned with science as I know year 3 have different things to learn as well as the ks1 topics but in more detail. Just wondering how best to approach the planning. Many thanks in anticipation. I will also post on the primary forum too!
  2. Hi there. Congratulations on the job.
    I'm not an NQT but I did have a mixed Year 2/3 class last year.
    A lot depends on whether this is normal for your school or a one-off.
    If it's normal, there should (hopefully) be some sort of long term plan that shows what topics have been allocated to which year group.
    If a one-off, that's a bit trickier... Mine was a one-off...!
    Maths & Literacy were straightforward as I just mixed them all up and taught them based on where they were progression-wise. I just made sure I used different texts to the previous year as I'd had some of the Year 3s as Year 2s.
    For topic work I picked different one-off themes to teach the skills objectives for the history and geography.
    I timed some of the DT so that the Year 3s were working on their stuff when the Year 2s were rehearsing the KS1 Christmas play; then Year 2 did theirs while Year 3 were rehearsing a LKS2 Easter play.
    Science was the trickiest one. Because my class were mostly Year 2, I basically did the Year 2 units with a few added lessons on a couple of the Year 3 topics. When it came to investigations, I made the tasks more demanding for the more able Year 3s, but it wasn't ideal... It might be worth trying to find out what each group of children has done this year and what they might be likely to do the year after they're with you...
    Hope this is SOME help, even if it doesn't exactly have cut and dried answers.
    (I really enjoyed having this mix, and I found that being with the Year 3s really pushed the more able Year 2s, especially in writing, as it was the first time they'd not been "top of the class"!)
    C x


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