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mixed reception & year 1 totally confused!!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by littlemissnaughty, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. I am desperately hoping somebody can email me an example daily/weekly timetable for a mixed YR/Y1 class. I am an NQT and finding it very difficult to meet all the needs of these two groups, particularly when it comes to structuring the day and fitting in all the different levels of phonics work etc. I have 2 TAs so should in theory be able to fit it all in but I've got in a muddle (with Literacy in particular).
    I am tearing my hair out!! Can anyone please help?
  2. any1 please?
  3. Katie_B

    Katie_B New commenter

    Hi I've been teaching mixed YR, Y1 for a while now so I'll e-mail you my weekly overview and a weekly literacy plan so you can have a look. Hope this helps but I don't think there is a perfect answer!
  4. This is a really hard combination - our last OfSTED inspector said it's the most difficult if that makes you feel any better! I am still wrestling with how to plan after a year at this and change my planning formats every few weeks. I have just bought 2 books which I can recommend. 'Making it Work in Year One' by Sally Featherstone, is really about transition but has some good advice on planning for progression. The other book is 'Really Good Stuff - Managing the Curriculum in Mixed Age Classes', Featherstone again. This does something I have spent AGES on - an example of long and medium (half) term plans relating to themes over a two year cycle, linking early leaning goals and KS1 curriculum. It might fit in with your school long term planning, but even if it doesn't you can see how it can be done. And those *** QCA unit plans only get a cursory mention on the last page! I'll try and sent a sample of how I do it at the moment, but I still have too many sheets ... and would love to know if someone somewhere has THE ANSWER! :eek:)
  5. thank you both for your replies! It would be great to see your plans, its also reassuring that others find this very difficult to manage as well!
  6. Due to small class sizes in some classes next year, our year one class is being split between year 2 and reception. There will be 1/2 in each but in the mornings the three classes will all have a teacher and be seperate classes. The split will happen in the afternoons. I am dreading this; I am the reception teacher; as I feel l will be governed by year one curriculum to what l should teach in the afternoons and also worried that year one and two will be doing numeracy and english in the mornings and I will be pushed into becoming more formalised. Also the year two class with year ones in will not be as play based as my classroom and I am worried that if I teach year one more play based activities the parents will compare the two styles of teaching unfairly help is there anyone who has planning formats plans or ideas to help me thanks
  7. What I'm hearing here really concerns me. The HT at our school is looking at combining infant classes next year. I am adamant that if numbers allow it, combination should be YR1 and YR2, not YR1 with reception. How can you teach two completely different curricula in one class?

    I'm pretty sure the numbers will work out to make the combined YR1/2 the best option, but need evidence to present to the HT and Governors that combining Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 is detrimental to children. If you have any evidence of this being the case please email me.


  8. katie_B could i have a copy of your planning please - as i think i am getting this next year too!!
  9. Katie_B

    Katie_B New commenter

    I used to teach 30 YR,1 and 2 in the mornings and YR/1 in the afternoons. This was hard as Reception had quite a formal morning. Now I only teach YR and Y1 and I think the combination is great. The Y1 children are able to access much needed play opportunities and learn through play, whilst setting an example around the classroom for reception to follow e.g. in routines, tidying up etc. Planning wise it is difficult but I have it so that I try to match my subjects and Y1 schemes to an overall termly / 1/2 termly topic which benefits reception. This has been helped by the recent emphasis on Y1 continuing the journey from the foundation stage. I love my class!
  10. Katie_B

    Katie_B New commenter

    Helenfw what sort of planning - an overview of the week or literacy / numeracy / subject? Am happy to share - why should we all have to slog away?!
  11. Thanks Littlemissnaughty for forwarding plans. Have only just found this forum and its great.
    I'm not sure I really understand how year r/year 1 will work. We have no outside area, and having taught nursery for 5 years and year 1 for the past 2 years( with no transition term) the currculums are so different. We have 9 reception and 29 year 1 in sept raising to 28 reception and 30 year 1's in Jan with 2 teachers ( other teacher KS2 trained moving from yr5 and is new EY's co-ordinator) Head cant justify a recpetion class for 1 term with 9 kids any advice or ideas how to set up this area and planning ideas very greatfully recieved.

    please reply to juliewhittemore@stonehill.herts.sch.uk
  12. Hi all,

    Sorry to drag this post up from the blue but I could really do with some help too.

    In September I will be working in a Reception/Year 1 class as part of a job share, which makes it even more tricky!!

    I would really appreciate a copy of your overviews if you don't mind? We're just struggling at the minute to work out how to fit everything in!!!

    Thanks in advance.

  13. Hmm, that wasn't very clear.

    Most helpful would be a weekly overview, timings etc.

    Also structure of Literacy/Numeracy planning.

    Thankyou. x
  14. hI

    We are going to do this in sept, its a planning nightmare, I dont see how we can access the outside area for example as its not near the class room, we have always had a third person to take children outside while the teacher and TA split activities inside. Now we will have just the two of us in a class of 30, 7 year ones and 23 reception. How do we do this? We cant follow the foundation stage curriculum for the year ones so what do we do? How do we organise the class? How do we keep the year ones progressing and not bored hearing new phonics in sept while we introduce it all? Any help appreciated as its causing sleepless nights.
  15. colorado

    colorado New commenter

    We are also in the 'falling roles' situation and, from September, will be introducing mixed R/Y1 and Y1/Y2 in the afternoons. The mornings will be normal 3 classes - Reception, Y1 and Y2. We have ordered the Featherstone planning books - not arrived yet! I am worried about having to teach a watered down Y1 curriculum to the Reception children, but also obviously worried about the Y1's making appropriate progress(and fretting about parents views, Ofsted etc.)Any help with planning formats for the afternoon sessions would be very much appreciated!! Thanks.seond@fsmail.net
  16. Hi! Would one of you really kind people mind sending me copies of your planning for Rec/Yr1 as I've got this mix in september. I'm really looking forward to having them as I think it's a great opportunity for Yr1's to do more play based stuff. Only problem is making sure they get appropriate numeracy and literacy input. My email is dhursthouse@yahoo.co.uk. Many thanks.
    Ps.I've been following this forum for a while and it's the first time I've dared join in - but everyone seems so generous with advice , ideas and sharing planning....x
  17. Hi phew, I'm relieved to see that I'm not the only one about to find myself in the Yr R/1 mix! Just completed a hard NQT year,(and only just got the Yr1/2 mix right)Sorry to anyone who has been frantically emailing all us confused people, but would anyone mind mailing a copy of their plans for Yr R/1. I would be very grateful. jiggywithit51@hotmail.com

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