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Mixed reception/year 1 planning

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by BC103670, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. I'm trying to support a colleague who has a mainly reception class with low ability Year 1 children too. What planning do you have for the different areas in the classroom and how do you timetable learning in reception/y1? Please help.
  2. We have mixed R/Y1 classes and basically teach Y1 in the same way that we do Rec, just with more challenge. For example, when we enhance the areas each week, we add extra challenges for the Y1s. (This week, as we're doing aliens, in the dough area we have challenge cards to make aliens with so many heads / arms / eyes etc. They have to consider how to put 6 eyes onto 3 heads etc, in the writing area, we have character profile formats of aliens, in the junk modelling area, we have simple instructions to build a rocket and a format for them to write their own etc, etc). The Rec chdn still access the same areas, just at their own level. We set the Y1s some 'star jobs' in the areas each week. We work with groups on focused tasks while the rest of the chdn are accessing the areas. This is usually 2 literacy and 2 maths tasks per week for both Rec and Y1. Plus Y1 will do some topic based tasks in the afternoons. We also do carpet inputs at the start of each session where the chdn are split into their year groups. Hope this helps.
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