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Mixed Reception and Year One Class

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by ashleighlouise94, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. ashleighlouise94

    ashleighlouise94 New commenter


    In September I will be an NQT. I have just been appointed my first teaching position in a mixed YR and Y1 class of about 21 children. Prior to my PGCE (5-11 years) I have worked in Early Years Settings so am aware of the EYFS, however I am struggling to come up with effective ideas on how I can merge the two curriculum together to benefit all of the children.

    I am a firm believer that Y1 should still be given as much opportunity for learning through play, but am concerned that with the new National Curriculum this isn't going to be appropriate. So at the minute my rough idea is to have a whole class input and then directed activities of appropriate challenge for all children to take part in but on a rolling rota. So there would be one or two directed activities going on, whilst the other children are having CI play, and then the children swap throughout the session.

    Any ideas you have/use in a mixed YR and Y1 class would be appreciated. I just need to piece it altogether in my head, and have back up plans!

  2. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    I was in a Reception/Year 1 class as one of my placements on my PGCE. The teacher used to do a whole class input, then Reception would go off for child-initiated learning while Year 1 stayed on the carpet for further input (if appropriate/necessary) and then to do an activity/task. Once they had completed the task they joined Reception for child-initiated learning, or the teacher took the Reception children to do an activity. Sometimes the Year 1s would work independently on their activity while the teacher observed and interacted with the Reception children. It seemed to work really well and there was potential to stretch able Reception children by including them in the Year 1 work, or support less able Year 1 children by including them in the Reception focus activities.
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