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mixed rec/Year 1 lesson

Discussion in 'Primary' started by beckyboo1234, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. aww well im going to do the tiger who came to tea and write a shopping list with things hidden in the sand etcc??? what do you think, make it EYFS based but with a extended activities for the year 1 to stretch them

    what do you think>?

    it is a literacy based lesson for 30 mins, what poetry did you do?
  2. I did '10 things in a Wizards pocket' which is a simple list poem, but v engaging, and then created a list poem with the Y1 using different 'magical objects' as a stimulus and the YR went outside to crate their own poem using things they found in the outdoor area. Both groups had to focus on writing thier own descriptive words for the things they found. We put each persons together and created a list poem which we then put together and shared. I've mesaged you to ask for your e-mail and I'll send the plan to you. I included sections for things I would do if the session was a full hour inc child initiated activity. Do you have a TA? Any pupils with SEN?
  3. Hi, really cheeky, but I am in the same position and looking for some ideas. I was thinking about poetry but haven't found any inspiring poems yet, so I'd appreciate any input really!
  4. Hi is it possible for you to send me an email with that lesson plan. As it is my interview on Monday regarding the same thing: 30 minutes lesson on poetry.
    I have taught year 2 a poetry lesson before but not year one. I am very confused as to what to do....
    Thank you
  5. Hi I have a lesson obs on Monday.I have to teach a 30 minutes poetry lesson as well. I have taught year 2 before not year one. Could you please email me the lessson plan for this poetry lesson.
    Thank you

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