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Mixed age planning

Discussion in 'Primary' started by pinkflipflop, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. Have you tried posting this on the mixed age forum? There may be more people around to offer advice/support.
  2. Waiguoren

    Waiguoren Occasional commenter

    I have a similar problem, also with Year 1. I try to teach to the average level, while adding extensions or similarly themed but more advanced tasks. I'd be glad to hear any ideas anybody else has too.
  3. slippeddisc

    slippeddisc New commenter

    I usually do a whole class input starting off simple and getting more difficult. I tend to send my LA away quicker because their attention span is zero and they don't understand the more difficult methods.
    Occasionly I do it the other way around where the HA stuff is first so the HA don't always have to wait through the stuff which is too easy for them. The basics are still important though and it doesn't do them any harm to keep practicing it.
    After Christmas I am going to occasionly let my LA do some quiet practice tasks (number bonds and things like that) while I do an input for the rest and then I will do their input afterwards. I'll see how it goes. My TA also occasonly does inputs for 2 groups and I do one for 2 groups.
    I don't really see mine as year 1's or year 2's. I differentiate 4 ways group 1,2,3 and 4 but I have a mixture of year 1's and 2's in each ability group. I have some very bright year 1's for example and some very poor year 2's.
  4. Hello,

    Is the best way to make sure that all of the units for all of the year groups are being taught by using a cycle e.g. for a mixed y1/2 class a 2 year cycle with changed units each year ?

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