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Mixed 2/3 planning help!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ajr23, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    I have just got a job teaching mixed year 2/3 from september and am looking for any help/ advice people could give me. I think PM work will be OK (imagining a topic based 2 yr rolling programme approach) but am more concerned with lit / num planning including phonics and spelling and organisation of the day / week. Any advice or ideas would be much appreciated, I'd like to get my head around mixed age planning as soon as poss.
    Many thanks

  2. Hi, I am in the same boat! Ive posted a thread on both the NQT and Primary forums asking for some help as I will be moving from year 2 this year to mixed 2/3 as of September. My main concerns are with Science as I know year 3 have to be taught some different units to year 2 so I am eager to find out how other teachers handle this! Would I get my TA to teach the units that year 2 have to do, to my year 2's and I do the year threes or do I just teach the year 3 stuff and miss out a couple of the year 2 units throughout the year???
    I am not too concerned about the Lit and Numeracy as that will be more ability based rather than age anyway. I use the National Numeracy and Lit strategies which very clearly set out what the chn should be doing in both years so it should be relatively simple to integrate that into the teaching, just teaching to the y3 requirements but obviously making it accessible and suitable for the year 2s. Its all the same topics anyway, i.e shape, subtraction etc so its just about making it accessible to their abilities I assume????
    In terms of phonics etc, I plan on doing Phase 5 and 6 Letters and Sounds with the year 2's and Support for Spelling with year 3.

    I hope this is of some use, but to be honest, I will be awaiting people's responses to your original post too! :)
  3. Hey,

    I don't know if you are still after ideas but I'm going to be in a similar situation for the next couple of years and I've been looking on the Lancashire gfl website, where they have mixed-age planning ideas set out for this particular age group in Numeracy and Literacy....

    You can find Literacy plans here:


    And Numeracy here:


    I hope this is some help, and allows you to enjoy some of the summer!!
  4. zannar

    zannar New commenter

    Sorry I haven't picked up on this before. I have taught YR2/3 for the past couple of years. I teach by using ability groups not age groups. I aim for YR3 and differentiate down as nec. I have found that the YR2s really want to do the same as the YR3s but you have to differentiate carefully. If you google mixed age planning there are some good LA sites to help with MTP for maths and English. For topic work and science I work as for YR3 and just check for additional bits I may have to add in to cover any missing YR2 bits(hope that makes sense!).
    Good luck. I have enjoyed my classes. They are still, on the whole, eager to please and to learn. Enjoy.

  5. Thanks so much for your replies - very useful! I have been investigating over the past few weeks and decided that I am just going to base my planning on their ability levels and go from there. I will have 15 year 3s but to be honest, only about 6 of them will be confident accessing year 3 material so i will pitch it at level 2 and differentiate accordingly. As for science, i am going to teach the year 3 topics but differentiate down and fit in the missing year 2 bits where appropriate! Thanks again for your responses :)
  6. Hi All,
    I am in the same boat as of September and am panicing about Literacy planning. luckily we have mixed age maths planning already organised. To add to the mix i am in a job share (me being there most of the time). Can anyone help me get my head around literacy planning. I have had a year off and EVERYTHING has changed. I was trained to use the old framework, then whilst i've been away the framework has changed. Can anyone send me link so i can get to literacy objectives for yr 2 and 3 for stories with famliar settings! Everything i go to ends up in archives. Can anyone give me hints about how you make sure you cover all objectives, i think my school is considering using the old framework.
    Help from me- i will be teaching world war 2 as topic unitl christmas and will try to link this in with my lit and num.
    I also have 15mins with my yr 3 children each day, so i will be focusing on anything they need to catch up on. Ideally i want to have my yr 2's for that time so i can cover phonics then, but i guess year 3's will still benefit from this.
    At anytime my plans change eg: numeracy and i have to teach 2 totally different things to each yr group i will proabaly cover yr2's stuff as a whole class (revision for yr3) set yr 2 off on their task, then focus on my yr3, maybe ask my TA to support yr2's as I focus on yr 3.

    Hope this helps, and any guidence and clarity on bloody literacy planning would be great! I feel like i'm in a new student situation everything is gobbldygook!

  7. Hi Claire,
    I will be teaching WW2 when we go back too! So perhaps we will be able to help each other!
    I will be using the Hamilton trust for literacy planning and I will be using the year 3 objectives and differentiating it down to sort of, high level 2 sort of level if that makes sense as some of my year 2s are very able and can cope with year 3 material. Ive planned to do reports for the first 3 weeks back, starting off with writing reports about themselves which will help with getting to know their new classmates/PSHE and all that. This leads in to them then writing a report on an aspect of the war which we will have covered for 3 weeks by them so hopefully, I should get some pretty decent writing out of them! For the following 3 weeks, I am planning on doing instructional writing, again from the year 3 objectives as i have predominantly year 3. The topic of WW2 will be great for this as I am intending to do quite a bit of cooking of war recipes which is obviously a great link to instructions. I think we will be making Anderson shelters in D&T too, which again we can write instructions for so it's all cross-curricular.
    Hope this is of some use! I generally use Hamilton trust for a lot of my maths and lit planning. They have an archived section of mixed 2/3 plans for maths but sadly, not for literacy so im just going to go by year 3 plans for lit and differentiate down where I need to.
  8. Thanks Jo,

    That is really helpful. I'm also in a job share so the other teacher is doing reports. I was going to start with stories with familiar settings. I will try to link that with WW2. I think i will do instructions after that and use similar things to what you have planned!
    I've used a bit of hamilton before and think I will see with my lit co-ordinator and head if the don't mind me using it. I think we are reverting back to the old literacy framework so I guess it all depends on if hamilaton will cover the framework objectives fully! Do you know? Are they easy to cross-reference?
    Do you know any WW2 stories other than goodnight mr tom and anne frank? Some parts are a bit distressing and I have a couple of chn who really react badly to this sort of thing. I could reccommend a TV series called Spywatch which I have. They are in 20min episodes about evacuation but have clips and resources linking to literacy too, i think i will use them for guided reading activities/ extensions whilst i'm concentrating on a group.

  9. Hi, my husband and I have our own FREE teaching resource website. If we can help in any way e.g. making relevant resources to suit your pupils' individual needs and topics, please just contact us through our website.
    Many thanks Zoe http://www.primarytreasurechest.com
  10. When I had 2/3s I found the maths and english the easiest part as I pitched the work at the levels they needed rather than worrying about age...
    HOWEVER, if you school uses QCAs for end of year assessment, it IS worth doing more year-group targetted mental maths work with the Year 3s as the mental maths test is separate from the written paper (unlike Year 2) and is strictly timed - the CD moves on to the next question after a set number of seconds... very tough, if they've never done anything like it before...
    C x
  11. Thats a really good point Cathyd i will try to include some timed MM tests with my yr 2/3 thanks!


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