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Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by microbiology, Sep 3, 2020.

  1. microbiology

    microbiology New commenter


    Just wondering what mistakes must be avoided when trying to get as many students as possible? I have gone really strict with who I take as parents were taking the pi**. I also cancelled on a handful of students in the middle kf the year due to cancellations and most are rude parents.

    However, I am struggling to recruit students which I expected but not to this extent.

    I don’t seem to get any referrals and my previous gcse students have not carried on with me.

    Any advice would be helpful

  2. Yogananda50

    Yogananda50 New commenter

    The tutoring market is pretty much dried up right now. We’ll probably have to wait for a couple of months before things get back to normal.
  3. Thorntonsj

    Thorntonsj New commenter

    Microbiology, if your experienced, hard working and committed, contact me. Our cooperative of tutors, working online and face to face are absolutely inundated with work!

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