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Missing dog Nairn

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by thadie, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Please could anyone in or around the Nairn area keep an eye out for a missing 11 year old dog?He's a black labrador cross with a grey face due to age and went missing in the Boath Park area of Nairn on bonfire night after slipping his lead in panic and bolting after a firework exploded near him.

    His name's Ruaridh (Rory) he's very gently and friendly and loves children. His owner is distraught as he's so old and it's so cold out at night.

    There's a huge Facebook campaign to find him, and local radio and newspapers have run features on him too.

    Apart from some possible sightings, he hasn't been seen since, despite hundreds of people searching for him and posters up everywhere, and police, dog wardens and rescue homes involved too.

    Please if you see this dog, report him immediately to police or dog wardens, and check his listing on Doglost website under LOST DOGS.

    Please help us to bring this poor old dog home.


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