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Miss are yous gonnae go oan strike...?

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by lescargot, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. lescargot

    lescargot Occasional commenter

    This was the question I met first thing this morning from my S4 class, followed swiftly by...'Ah mean, yies already git loads ae money n' aw that time oaf'.
    Sorry, I'm coming out of Oor Wullie mode now, it's too tiring! Anyway, I asked the class to listen to 'our' side of things for 5 minutes then took comments/questions. Surprisingly they all sat and listened and were then very supportive of us! They are concerned about the impact these changes might have on the quality of their education. I think we need to get out there and make it clear to Joe Public exactly how bad these proposals are and how much it could affect the quality of people that actually come in to education in the first place.
    Even me explaining the 2 year pay freeze when inflation is 5% was enough to shock them. When I explained the proposals about supply teachers they were really shocked and could immediately put 2 and 2 together to see that the classroom would become a 'revolving door' to a new supply teacher every 8 days.
  2. That's what the message needs to be about: the quality of their education. The media will portray us as money-grabbing holiday goers. We mustn't aid the media in this respect with our comments.

    Well done.
  3. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

  4. lescargot

    lescargot Occasional commenter

    I'm not looking for praise but thank you! Please please help spread the word - this is not about money. Or not ALL about money anyway!
  5. baitranger

    baitranger Occasional commenter

    That's a brave thing to do, but be aware that it could be used against you.
    I say that I can't discuss it but if pressed, I just say I won't be in.
  6. I don't think jenmac was particarly trying to influence them as such, she gave them facts and information about inflation and pay freezes, and conditions of working. I'm sure she wouldn't have said anything inappropriate, false or misleading. If the pupils came to their own conclusions through listening to facts, I don't see how that could be misconstrued. Of course that all depends on whether or not she trusts her pupils not to skew the facts and tell on her, I wouldn't rule it out.
    As for the discussion not being in the lesson plan, CfE allows for spontaneous activity and cross curricular citizenship development, so just pick your retrospective Es & Os and hey presto.
  7. lescargot

    lescargot Occasional commenter

    This is just the point. There is a lot of mis-information out there and I think the pupils' initial attitude reflects a wider societal malaise towards teachers and public sector workers. I think it's important that pupils have access to all the facts and can draw their own conclusions from them.
    I am careful of what I say to pupils and I am not 'inappropriate'. I have a responsibility for the 'whole' education of pupils - not only in my subject. It is important we prepare young people for the real world.
    Don't worry about me - I can justify each and every conversation I have with my pupils and I have good relationships with them.
    What is the LA going to do - get me struck off the GTC for telling the truth and answering the pupils legitimate questions - I doubt it.
  8. Dominie

    Dominie New commenter

  9. lescargot

    lescargot Occasional commenter

    A sad state of affairs. I appreciate that your words of caution Dominie. I will watch what I'm doing. However, I think it would be shaky ground indeed. I wouldn't even class the discussion I had as criticism of the LA, merely stating the facts so that pupils were made aware of the proposals being made. I think this is important as the pupils are the ones this will impact on most.

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