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mis-heard lyrics

Discussion in 'Personal' started by seren_dipity, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. re post 91 - wasn't that the Eurythmics?
  2. My younger son when he first started school wanted to sing the Lasagne song in the car.

    He was getting irritated as I didnt know what he was going on about, so I asked him to just sing it.

    "sing Lasagne, sing Lasagne, sing Lasagne to the king of kings"!

    (should be Hosanna)

    how we laughed.

    Same son, on new years eve a couple of years ago we came in late and switched on the T.V, The Shining was on.
    "I know this movie its called Breadcrumb"
    "no it's not it's called The Shining"
    later in the movie the little boy goes all weird and starts chanting in a spooky voice "RED RUM, RED RUM,"

    "See, I told you this was called breadcrumb"
    said he.
    ? ? ? ?

  3. Tonight, I'll selotape my gloves to you!
  4. ANGIE491

    ANGIE491 New commenter

    Love this sooo much!
    can't remember title but it was supposed to be
    Everybody has a hungry heart
    we used to sing
    Everybody has a smelly fart!!
  5. ANGIE491

    ANGIE491 New commenter

    Oh, another one I heard on radio
    Should have bee;
    Miss you like crazy
    He said Miss the wife's gravy.....

    Another one about gravy (good link!)
    Village People
    In the navy I can sail the seven seas
    In the gravy I can see chips an peas........
  6. Heard on the radio today when driving home, Sister Sledge in We are family singing about 'making love in a femidon'!
  7. Honey Loop

    Honey Loop New commenter

    Little loopy has just started rehearsing her Christmas production and has come in from school singing 'Ding dong jelly on a pie'
    Do you think I should tell her the real words...
    LOL! :O)
  8. I mishear things ALL the time!!

    Macy Gray "I wear goggles when you are not here".

    Madonna "Poppadom preach"

    Kaiser Chiefs "I believe in giants"??!

    Adam and The Ants "Prickly cube is nothing to be scared of"

    The sad thing is, I can genuinely believe them, even though they sometimes don';t sound anything alike!! I might need to get my hearing checked...
  9. Oh and not forgetting the classic, "every time you go away, you take a piece of meat with you"

    I never understood that until someone clarified it for me :D
  10. This thread has had me in stitches - best laugh I've had for ages.

    Don't know the artist, although female, and not very many years ago...thought she sang
    "Live your lifelike a rape machine"
    my daughter soon put me right!
  11. these are very funny!

    I spent the summer thinkin Gwen Stafani was singin aint no heart attack girl. Sister had to put me straight on that one!!
    (supposed to be holler back girl!)
  12. PurpleSapphire

    PurpleSapphire New commenter

    I like the "sing lasagne" one :eek:)
  13. Until a couple of years ago I though Louis Armstrong was singing, "the bright blessed day, the dogs say goodnight". It was only when it was used as an advert with karaoke-style words on the screen that I discovered it was "the dark sacred night". I suppose the real version is more poetic but I always thought dogs saying goodnight was rather sweet.
  14. An old school friend thought that the lyrics to 'The King of Wishful Thinking"(think that's what it was called...) were

    "I am the King, I wish for bacon"

    She was certain that her version was correct, backed it up with the impeccable logic that if SHE were King, she'd want her choice of quality meat products.
  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Just heard Foo Fighters hit -"Gravy" - my daughter informs me that the song is called "Crazy"!
  16. Hat off to Seren_dipity for starting this thread. LMAO and then some!!!!

    Hester xx
  17. I meant hats, obviously
  18. Zahra, Post #105 - what's it meant to be? As I have a feeling I've been singing words to that effect for some time now...!
  19. I thought the Kaiser Chiefs were singing 'they call it Tourettes' then I found out it is 'they predict a riot!'
  20. Dunno toriaw, I'll do a quick search.

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