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mis-heard lyrics

Discussion in 'Personal' started by seren_dipity, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. bacardibreezer

    bacardibreezer New commenter

    Silent Night mentions 'Round John Virgin'.
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    lord of the damp settee is still making me giggle!
  3. LisaDJ - I totally thought the same about Bananarama - still can't bring myself to sing the proper words - why on earht would they be talking about anything other than cocoa beans.

    If two of us heard that - its obvioulsy what they were singing!

    I think i misheard most of th words off that album but can't remember any more at the mo.,
  4. There's a song by girl group, Beyonce's one (cant remember their name)thats about 'Alf Garnet'.......think it should be 'i've got it'....

    Also Clingons on the starboard......used to think it was 'it's dead sh1t, dead sh1t' but apparently it's 'he's dead Jim, dead Jim'!
  5. My friend thought "All shook up" was "Emotion Cup"!!! It doesn't even make sense!! Funniest one I heard was someone who misheard "Groove is in the heart" as "Gorillas in the hut"

    My ex also thought that Madonna song was "eyes like potatoes" re previous post!
  6. can't remember who sang it but my flat mate found me bopping about singin g ' love sex and teletext' one day........well - i thought it was about dating thru the telly!
  7. oh and my sister thought it was ' Emulsion Cup' which makes even less sense......

    nephew, aged 4,inconsolable one night when being babysit -wanted ' the hakkeybokety' song - minds were racked, a huge number of possible contenders affered, all wrong.....he eventually falls asleep with exhaustion....some time later, he is watching tv - and suddenly shouts' That's it that it the hakkeybokety song!'

    twas the old advert jingle

    ' Esso signs mean happy motoring'.....

    ah when i was child i spake as a child!!

    mystery solved - and he still gets slagged off about it now in his 30's!
  8. Flashdance (what a feeling)

    it should have been : Take your passion and make it happen.

    I thought it was : take your pants down and make it happen.

    Altered Images - Happy Birthday - I thought it was:

    How did Bob die?
  9. Igot a bit worried about Jimi Hendrix when he sang "'scuse me while I kiss this guy". It took a while before I realised it was "... kiss the sky"!!
  10. lars

    lars New commenter

    For years I have always the thought the Kinks sang "Help me, help me, help me Sara Leeeee"

    I heard it in the car yesterday and realised he was singing "Help me sail away..."

    Or am I completely rubbish and got it wrong again?!
  11. gma

    gma New commenter

    Shania twain; I cant believe you kiss your Car goodnight...
    I always thought it was; I cant believe you kiss your **** each night....
  12. PurpleSapphire

    PurpleSapphire New commenter

  13. PurpleSapphire

    PurpleSapphire New commenter

    Celtic chick - was that The Shamen - Love Sex Intelligence (LSI) ???
  14. PurpleSapphire

    PurpleSapphire New commenter

  15. Fast Car, Tracy Chapman.
    When Tracy sings 'and your arm felt nice wrapped 'round my shoulder', A friend of mine was convinced that she was singing 'And your arms and legs wrapped 'round my shoulder'.

    Some kind of strange sex game obviously.
  16. Lisa, I love the Madonna / Bill Oddie one! It really made me giggle!
  17. Bohemian Rhapsody is famous for 'saving your life for my pork sausages' and the repeated 'Bismillah'.
  18. MrPuss

    MrPuss New commenter

  19. MrPuss

    MrPuss New commenter

    Actually Zahra, there's also the bit about "the devil put a sideboard for me..." , I think?
  20. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Mrpuss - thank you, have posted site to my favourites for future boring Saturday nights! And I've checked out Jesus loves me - they don't have my mis-hearing!!!

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