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Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by radiator, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. I know there have been threads about this before but I need some help deciding
    I have uterine polyps and massive bleeding at the moment ( last period lasted 3 months)
    I am going to have the polyps removed but am unsure of the next step
    Originally my gyno was talking about either Mirena or Ablation
    the surgeon is pushing me down the Mirena route.
    I'm not 100% sure... ( possibly because i feel i'm being forced into it)

    so my questions
    1) can you feel the strings? will my husband be able to
    2) the leaflet mentions horrible things like not using tamons when its in .. thoughts?
    3) did you have any problems with hormone associated things like weight gain, acne etc ( I'm temp. on the pill at the moment and I have a face like a pizza. I've dropped 25 pound since xmas and don't want to put them back on!)
    4) can you feel it poking you inside?
    5) how long did the irregular bleeding last?

    thanks so much for your answers

    alternatively is there anyone who has had ablation done?

  2. 1. Yes but only if you really try, and No not from my experience.
    2. Once you are settled with the Mirena coil you will probably not have a period and if you do it will be very light spotting.
    3. No
    4. No
    5. Can last a few months but for other people not long.
  3. thanks for the reply , appreciated. May I ask another question about the irregular bleeding?
    bearing in mind that one of the reasons I'm so hacked off is that my perios are stupidly irregular ( can be 1.5 weeks can be 6 weeks between them) and last a looooong time when they do arrive , I'm really not keen to have another "few months" of irregular bleeding.
    How bad is it?I'm kind of tired of constantly having to carry tampons/pads and thinking that everytime I get a bit moist down there that I'm bleeding again
  4. I've had the Mirena for about 15 months now and am very happy with it. I was on Cerazette for 4 years previously so knew I'd be ok with a smaller progestogen dose. I lost just over a stone although I suspect that was more to do with eating healthily and exercising some willpower than swapping to the coil!
    Re you q's
    1) never had any prob with the strings, they do 'soften' over time!
    2) I've never had any problem using tampons, I'd heard that occasionally the coil can be flushed out during a heavy period. I'm not sure that this is very common though.
    3) Luckily I've always had very good skin and have noticed no difference at all since I've had the coil.
    4) Generally I can't feel it poking inside me. I did cough the other day and think I felt a tiny poke very low down to one side.
    5) Initially I had a very light period that lasted for about 5 days, enough to need the smallest sized tampon for a very light flow. I do get sore boobs for a few days then a slight pink smear but that's about all (sorry if TMI [​IMG])
    I can only speak from my own experience, others may post differently. I hope this helps.

  5. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    I had one right up until I began the menopause in January 2010, when I had it removed as it was well past its sell-by date, in any case.
    It saved my sanity, having that coil. I used to have monstrously heavy, prolonged and painful periods. The coil did not, in my case, remove the periods, but it reduced them significantly and the pain completely. I still used tampons with no problems (are you sure the bit about not using tampons was not just referring to the first few days after having it inserted, when it's common to have a heavy bleed?) for the full five years I had the coil in situ. I didn't notice any skin issues with it, apart from the fact that I was no longer grey with pain half the month.
  6. Thanks Middlemarch,
    the l;eaflet i have been given to read specifically says you shouldn't use tampons in case you hook the strings of the IUS when you remove the tampon. it also mentions that it may not be suitable for people who wear contact lenses ?????????

    I'm really unsure about the whole thing. Luckily the endometrial biopsy for the polyps has come back benign ( which is one less thing to worry about)
    I'm also being referred for a hysterectomy but i have the option of having the mirena put in while they do the polyp removal.

    I should probably mention I'm not in the UK so I don't know if different countries give different warnings etc, but i'm really worried about the hormone effects. I've been on a real cocktail of different tablets , progesterone , Birth control , Tranemamic ( sp?) acid.

    My husband had vasectomy years ago , i don't need contraception. and I'm really uncomfortable about the thoguht of something inside me
  7. I have gas permeable contact lenses and haven't had any problems with them since I had the Mirena. I've not heard about that before!
  8. thanks , this is why I'm having such a hard time making an informed decision. The leaflet seems baffling to me ( I swear I'm not making these things up) , and I have a science degree.

    The probelm is when you try to research you only ever find the extreme cases , people who love it , people who hate it.

    thanks for your replies
  9. Ruthie66

    Ruthie66 New commenter

    I had one fitted at the same time I had a D&C and my bleeding definitely lessened until the point where it disappeared (probably in a blood clot!). My sister and my TA both have them and are very pleased with the results. I am now looking into the possibilty of either ablation or a hysterctomy which seem to be the options left open to me.
  10. <ol>[*]SHould be able to for inspection/checking purposes. Some men apparently suggest they can feel something initially but not for long by all accounts...[*]Tampons - no idea - but tbh I couldn't use anyway so not sure...[*]Hormone rleated things - far preferable to alternatives - mood balanced, less acne, no weight gain...[*]Initially when I first had it you sensed the foreign intrusion - but mine was inserted during major surgery so I was quite sore anyway...[*]Bleeding - initially 3 weeks of spotting after a light period after insertion/surgery for me.... then spotting once a month for three months[*]Ablation - yes - one way of curing the situation/problem - effective - most people have no issues with it - if a lot you maybe more sore than in previous ops for a time afterwards...</ol>Not wishing to hijack the thread -but I wanted to ask if anyone knows what will happen as it looks like my threads have disappeared and I have sharp pin pricking pain constantly in the internal area where it should be. Been advised to wait until Monday, if I can, as the staff on at weekends are not very skilled/trained in this area and could cause more problems...unless it becomes an emergency?!
  11. Got to agree with other replies, getting the Mirena was a godsend. I had been badly anaemic for 10 years due to ridiculously heavy periods and an allergy to iron supplement. Had the Mirena fitted and within 3 months had the red blood cell count of a healthy Male! (ie higher than normal for women).
    Not had a single problem with it, still get intermittent spotting after 2 years but that is <u>nothing</u> compared to before [​IMG]

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